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Vegan Mainstream provides marketing solutions to vegan and vegetarian businesses, as well as to those interested in incorporating more mindful practices and products into their brand. Our strategic marketing plans and services are not only fueled by our extensive experience, knowledge and expertise, but also by our passion to see conscious brands thrive. We believe in and support the veg movement and know that your consumers will appreciate that your mindfulness extends even to how you market your business.

At Vegan Mainstream, we believe a key way to push mindful living forward is through fanning the flame of likeminded brands. We are working hard to build a solid infrastructure of successful businesses and brands to ensure that an ethical lifestyle is accessible to everyone, everywhere. Imagine ethical retail stores, restaurants, clothing options and educational materials in every mall or community – every step in making this a reality is a step that accelerates the veg movement.

Thus our mantra Vegan Mainstream.

Without a solid infrastructure, it makes it difficult to provide veg options to the general public – let us help you pave the way. At Vegan Mainstream, we believe it is our job to connect the general public to veg-friendly businesses, blogs and books. If you manage, own, sponsor or are employed by a vegan/vegetarian business or blog, let us help you tell the world all about it.

Stephanie Redcross founded Vegan Mainstream in 2009 to meld her passion for entrepreneurship with her passion for the vegan lifestyle. A dedicated vegan, Stephanie has over a decade of marketing experience with small businesses and Fortune 500 companies. The Vegan Mainstream team consists of people who are extraordinarily talented in strategic planning, market intelligence, social media, design, search engine optimization and public relations. Additionally, our team members have roots in the vegan and vegetarian community, which ensures that we are thoroughly connected and committed to your vision.

The word ‘vegan’ was invented over 65 years ago and while veganism was once considered extreme, going vegan or vegetarian is now becoming a greatly admired and popular life choice. There’s no doubt that ‘less-meat-a-tarian’ consumers are increasing – but whether vegan, vegetarian or non-vegan, more people than ever insist on buying ethical and cruelty-free products. This is an exciting time to actively participate in our burgeoning culture of conscience and to ensure that this movement continues its momentum.

Vegan Mainstream can help you increase customer volume and retention; improve web traffic; manage a social media and PR campaign; and create product promotions. Vegan Mainstream is here to make your business succeed, so it can propel your business into the mainstream.

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