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Vegan Mainstream provides marketing solutions to vegan and vegetarian businesses, as well as to those interested in incorporating more mindful practices and products into their brand. Our strategic marketing plans and services are not only fueled by our extensive experience, knowledge and expertise, but also by our passion to see conscious brands thrive. We believe in and support the veg movement and know that your consumers will appreciate that your mindfulness extends even to how you market your business.

At Vegan Mainstream, we believe a key way to push mindful living forward is through fanning the flame of likeminded brands. We are working hard to build a solid infrastructure of successful businesses and brands to ensure that an ethical lifestyle is accessible to everyone, everywhere. Imagine ethical retail stores, restaurants, clothing options and educational materials in every mall or community – every step in making this a reality is a step that accelerates the veg movement.

Thus our mantra Vegan Mainstream.

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Black Female Vegan: Stephanie Redcross, by ARIELLE LOREN 

How long have you been vegan? And what inspired your journey?

I’ve been a vegan for six years. While I explored vegetarianism as a result of an illness in college, I ultimately switched to veganism as an adult. The difference was the lifestyle commitment. Understanding that it’s not just about food or animal rights issues, but a holistic approach to my health, a compassion for all, including animals and sworn enemies : – ) – and a consistent recurring choice to care for the planet.




Beauty kind to beasts, The Columbus Dispatch

Stephanie Redcross, founder and managing director of Vegan Mainstream, said one of the biggest challenges is overcoming “the stereotype that all vegans are hippie activists.”

“While many vegans have an activist component to their lives, I think people don’t know that vegans are in all walks of life,” said Redcross, formerly a marketing executive with General Electric. “There are vegan lawyers, vegan bus drivers, vegan students, vegan doctors, vegan CEOs and so on.

“They need shampoo, comfortable shoes and stylish clothing just like everyone else.”



Veganism on the rise among health-conscious consumers, by Laurie Budgar

But Redcross says vegans aren’t the only ones buying these products; people with food allergies have also embraced them, as have friends and family members who want to share a meal with their food-restricted loved ones. So natural products retailers may need to help less aware consumers identify vegan products.

“Sample these foods so people who aren’t vegan can see that it’s an alternative. Take it to the streets,” Redcross says.







Vegan Mainstream launches a four-week course on the basics of vegan social media practices, By Alexandra Chang

For those struggling to get a foothold in the social media world, Vegan Mainstream, the marketing company dedicated to helping vegan businesses succeed, has launched a social media course. Ideally designed for veg business owners and those interested in promoting their projects to a niche community, topics range from how to utilize Facebook and Twitter and how to use the best social media practices. For four weeks Kristin Lajeunesse, Vegan Mainstream’s social media and PR manager, teaches participants through webinars, live chats, and tutorials




Stephanie Redcross Brings Vegan to the Mainstream (Interview), By Mickey Z, Planet Green

Since I first went vegan in 1995, I’ve witnessed a sea change. What once felt like fringe is now creeping into the global collective consciousness. This has not been an accident, of course. Dedicated activists and green entrepreneurs have been tirelessly toiling to promote plant-based living. One such advocate is Stephanie Redcross, a dedicated vegan (for five years) and the founder of Vegan Mainstream. Using skills like strategic planning, market intelligence, social media, design, search engine optimization, and public relations, Stephanie and Vegan Mainstream are here to “spread awareness for your animal friendly business to both vegan and non-vegan consumers.” They explain: “We want to propel your vegan or vegetarian businesses into the mainstream.”



Vegan Marketing Firm By Jolinda Hackett, Guide to Vegetarian Food

Veg Business How To By Matt Flanzer, VegNews

Promoting the Veg Lifestyle by Raegan Payne (Celsias)

Client Feedback:

Well, I am happy to say that the results have been phenomenal!  Vegan Mainstream far exceeded my expectations.  Within 60 days, they grew my Twitter following to more than 1500 and my Facebook fan base to nearly 1000 (both started at less than 100).  I cannot tell you what a thrill it is to have people come up to me at book signings and say they came because they follow me on Twitter and Facebook!  People tell me all the time that they love my Facebook and Twitter posts and I agree with them!  The Vegan Mainstream team keeps my followers current on timely and interested vegan-related information that is right on target.  And what I love most is that they have captured my voice and style, so that the language flows seamlessly whether they are posting for me or I add posts myself.

~ Tracye McQuirter

I am so happy to have worked with Vegan Mainstream for our small project. They were able to take our project, which was a bit rough around the edges, and refine it in ways I hadn’t imagined.  They were professional, efficient and responsive and I truly enjoyed working with the team at Vegan Mainstream.

~ Rhonda Heffernan

It was a great pleasure doing work with Vegan Mainstream.  They were able to translate all our needs into a beautiful presentation and nothing was ever too much trouble.  We are thrilled with the results and have no doubt that their commitment will certainly help us with our future success.

~ Melanie Blake

I want to express how much I enjoyed working with you on the TV appearance for channel 5 news. You had already done tremendous leg work with other projects like our fan face book now with over two hundred fans and and interview with the food network. I have enjoyed your personality and your get it done quality in every project. Thank you for having have helped Stephanie’s bakery become known.I look forward to working with you in future projects and I am sure that anyone who uses your services will find working with as enjoyable as I have.

~ Maria Sanchez

I just can’t praise VM enough for their creative, organized and detailed approach in broadening the scope of our marketing possibilities and then systematically outlining new objectives that moved us forward 500%.  Our work together began with the establishment of our awesome blog that helps us build customer communications and loyalty, but that was just the beginning.  Our next project included a complete makeover for our then, out of date and ineffective website. Needless to say, our new site has a fantastic contemporary design and is well organized for easy and profitable ecommerce. Without a doubt we love working with VM, from the inspiration of their ideas in the project design phase to the ease of getting us through the arduous tasks of maintaining the project timeline with effective decision-making. VM saw us through it all with up beat, forward thinking. It is such a comfort to work with a vegan business like VM that understands the challenges of the growing vegan and vegetarian movement into the mainstream. Further, I believe that VM is successful because it knows how to manage its resources and connections for innovative business growth.

~ Evelyn Foreue

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