Vegan MOFO: Why comfort foods are essential for your weight loss plan

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If you are - as I am - one of those people with a genetic predisposition to easily gain weight - and who also finds it 'hard to lose' - then you may be caught in the grip of fear of over eating what we all have come to fondly call " comfort foods": whole grains, potatoes, bread, and pasta. You may have cultivated - as I did - the habit of cutting back on the 'carbs' to get a grip on your weight 'problem'. This fear - resulting in the restriction of healthy carbohydrate foods may - and quite likely has - run deeper than you ever realized. It may also be contributing to your weight problem in a manner you least suspect. These comfort foods, you might be surprised to learn, are actually essential for any weight loss plan.

Vegan MOFO: Fall Comfort Foods (with a recipe for Veggie Pot Pie)

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Autumn is one of my favorite times of the year. Cool, crisp, sunny days. Pulling out cozy sweaters from the back of the closet. Ambling through colorful leaves on leisurely afternoon strolls. Curled up by the fire with a cup of coffee and a good book. And soup! And squash! And a change of seasonal vegetables! (Ok, so it's mostly about the food, I admit :))

Vegan MOFO: 3 Tips To Up The “Healthy” In Your Breakfasts

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Breakfast is a meal that it's easy to skip or skimp on, but if you do it right it can be easy, super healthy, and a great way to start your day off right. Here are 3 tips to help you "up the healthy" in your morning meals...

Vegan MOFO: My Top 5 Vegan Breakfasts

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Whenever I go out for brunch with my friends, I get looks full of pity and sympathy as they chow down on their eggs benedict while I smile and swallow my hash browns and toast. “You don’t understand,” I explain, “I eat so well at home!” They smile and nod politely but I can tell it’s hard for them to imagine what I’m eating for breakfast without eggs, sausage, and creamy coffees. Well, this time I have photographic proof and I’m sharing my top 5 vegan breakfasts with you!

Vegan MOFO: Learning to Love Breakfast (and a recipe for Tofu Scramble!)

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So this week for Vegan MOFO on the Vegan Mainstream blog and Cookbook Club we are going to be talking about our Best Breakfast recipes - what do you love to eat in the morning - what gets you revved up for the day? To kick the week off, I'd like to share my recipe for tofu scramble - it is one of my favorites, with a side of roasted potatoes, and sometimes a grilled tofurky dog too. YUM!

VEGAN MOFO: Sweet Vegan Blogs

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For Vegan MOFO this week we are highlighting some sweet vegan blogs - featuring our theme of the week, DESSERTS! Here are four great vegan blogs belonging to members of the Vegan Mainstream Cookbook Club! Be sure to check these blogs out - your sweet tooth will thank you!

Vegan MOFO: On the Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate

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It's no secret that people love chocolate. In fact, the average American eats 10-12 pounds of chocolate a year. Chocolate lovers will be glad to learn that dark chocolate (containing at least 35% cocoa solids) is good for your heart. According to the Cleveland Clinic, cocoa beans are rich in flavonoids, a class of plant nutrients that help to protect plants from environmental toxins and repair cell damage. When people eat foods rich in flavonoids, they benefit from these antioxidants as well. Flavanols are the main type of flavonoid found in cocoa. Research has shown that flavanols can also lower blood pressure, improve blood flow to the brain and heart, and make blood platelets less sticky and more able to clot.

Vegan MOFO: Delicious (And Healthier) Desserts – with recipes!

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A couple of years ago I went on a mission. It was a mission to find THE best vegan chocolate chip cookie recipe out there. One of the not-so-side benefits of this mission was that I got to make (and sample) A LOT of chocolate chip cookies (I think it was then I started to enjoy quite a privileged status within my family!!).

Vegan MOFO: This week we’re talking VEGANIZING

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Woohoo! We're so excited to be participating again this month in Vegan MOFO, and today's our first official post! Each week we're going to be focusing on a different food-oriented theme, and posting recipes, ideas, tips, and information on that's going to be a month full of yummy food inspiration all through the world, and we're pumped to be part of it. In addition, we're pairing up with the brand new Vegan Mainstream Cookbook Club to feature some of our members' recipes and blogs this month.

Vegan MOFO: Julieanna Hever Susses Superfoods

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We have been so excited to have Julieanna Hever, aka the Plant-Based Dietitian, chat with us here on the Vegan Mainstream blog throughout Vegan MOFO about the different foods we have been focusing on. If you have missed any of the previous interviews, check them out with the following links: beans, greens, and grains! Today, (as all week on the Vegan Mainstream blog), we are focusing on SUPERFOODS. Read on as Julieanna cuts through the marketing haze and gives us the lowdown on real superfoods.