Unplug…And Step into a World of Inspiration

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When I first saw Deb Ozarko's new book, Unplug: 26 People Share How They Recharge and Reconnect to Passion, Presence, and Purpose, I was impressed. What a cool idea for a book, I thought. In this world where there is so much to feel worried, even desperate, about, we could all use some inspiration to live our best lives and find our inspiration. But I wasn't prepared for what I found when I opened that book up and started to read.

Conscious Choices for a Healthier Future: Gabriel Cousens on the Vegan Mainstream Cookbook Club

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This week on the Vegan Mainstream Cookbook Club we are featuring Dr. Gabriel Cousens and his two most recent books, Conscious Eating and Conscious Parenting (coauthored by Leah Lynn).These books provide a plethora of information about how to eat and live in a way that will help to optimize all aspects of your health and well being.

Families Get Plant Powered with Dreena Burton’s Latest Vegan Cookbook

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Dreena Burton was one of the first vegan cookbook authors I became aware of, way back when. Since that time I have followed her career, loved and shared her recipes, and bought every single one of the cookbooks she has put out. She is a wealth of cooking knowledge, which the observer can see growing [...]

We Animals: Taking on the Taboo

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We Animals by Jo-Anne McArthur is a brave and powerful book that addresses this very topic. McArthur is the photographer who was featured in the recent film The Ghosts in Our Machine. She travels around the world photographing animals "behind the scenes" and their various relationships (negative and positive) with humans. Her photographs are achingly beautiful, disturbing and thought provoking, as is the commentary she provides alongside each one.

Living Things: A Vegan Vs. Meat Debate Movie

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If you're vegan it's likely that you've found yourself, at one time or another, in a conversation with someone who isn't vegan, and wonders why you are. You may have even found yourself in the middle of antagonistic or uncomfortable conversations, wondering how you got there. Or maybe you are someone who loves to talk vegan to non-vegans, to challenge the way others eat and live.

Cowspiracy: How the animal agriculture industry is destroying our planet (and why no one is talking about it)

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And so I was delighted to see that a documentary is being made about this very issue - a film that promises to rock the sustainability world and open a whole lot of eyes to what's going on behind this disconnect. Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret is due out next month. Filmmakers Keegan Kuhn and Kip Andersen joined us for a quick interview about what they have come up against in making this film, the indigogo project they are running to raise funds and more. Can't wait to see this film!

Ghosts Combine for a Chilling and Beautiful Sequence

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When Liz Marshall, director, producer and writer of The Ghosts in Our Machine heard the Radiohead song "Give up the Ghost" it became her dream to incorporate that haunting music into her film; she felt it reflected the tone, mood and message of Ghosts perfectly. She wrote to Radiohead and received artist approval to use the song.


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Delicious modern gluten/seitan/grain meat-based recipes abound on the Internet these days (often with the addition of other grain and legume flours), and in the pages of vegan cookbooks, but it’s difficult to find good recipes to satisfy those seafood cravings I was mentioning before. There are fewer seafood sub recipes online, and there are commercial products that I’ve read about, but they never seem to be available where I live. So I have had to devise my own recipes. There’s a “salmon” recipe in my book World Vegan Feast (Vegan Heritage Press, 2011), but what I miss the most is shellfish—not only the taste, but the texture. The basic recipe I’m going to share with you below is satisfying to me, versatile, inexpensive, freeze-able and relatively easy to make. (I’m also including some favorite recipes using the basic product.) I hope you will enjoy these homemade products as much as I do, and devise your own recipes for using them.

Ellen Jaffe Jones Joins the VM Cookbook Club to talk about solutions to a Kitchen Divided

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What do you do when you are vegan and your partner is not (or vice versa)? This is not an uncommon problem, and there are bound to be some tensions to deal with - or at least meals to sort out. This week on the Vegan Mainstream Cookbook Club cookbook author and personal trainer Ellen Jaffe Jones will be with us to share ideas and recipes from her new book Kitchen Divided, which addresses that exact scenario.