Vegan Uncensored: Why it’s time to let captive animals go free – part II – a focus on zoos

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India’s decision to ban marine mammal parks is commendable, and it provides hope that someday marine mammals around the world will remain free to roam their natural environments. However, that ban makes no mention of zoos that exhibit land animals. Zoos continue to thrive in cities in India and in almost every major city in the world. They provide visitors with the opportunity to see animals most people would never see if not for zoos. They are popular with the public and, like marine parks, their claims of public education and conservation remove any niggling questions people might have about the ethics of confining animals for visual pleasure.

The Mindful Vegan: Balance in Friendships

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Image by Vlado/ A few weeks ago, I was engaged in a casual conversation with a friend – the stuff of “catch up” kind – we hadn’t seen one another in about a month and were going through the usual “what have you been up to?” questions. Somewhere in my update, she stopped [...]

What’s In a Label? “Vegan” versus “Plant-Based”

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What's in a label, anyway? Photo by nuttakit. As humans, we assign labels to ourselves and to others every day; we work through and under the constraints of labels, and some of us also work diligently to break them. No matter how we work with or against them, labels are widespread in our [...]

Compassionate and Moving Animal Activism: Liberation BC and Paul McCartney in Vancouver, BC

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If you want to see Rock & Roll at its finest then you go see the legendary Paul McCartney, if you want to see animal activism at its finest then you watch Vancouver animal-rights group, Liberation BC at work.

5 Tips For Planning the Best Vegan Wedding

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Now that I’ve been married for 7 days I feel that I am equipped to give out marital advice. Or at the very least; advice on wedding planning. Since I was engaged for about 16 months, I feel I know a thing or two about the highs and lows of an engagement. So to all you vegan brides and grooms or brides and grooms to-be, here is some invaluable advice from me:

Is Vegan Community Helpful or Harmful?

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When people are transitioning to vegetarianism or veganism, is connecting with like-minded others an important part of making the transition successfully? Some say yes; others say no – it does more harm than good. What has been your experience as a new vegan? Have you connected with other vegans, and did it help you along your vegetarian/vegan path?