Choosing Forks Over Knives, For The Whole Family

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One of the most common things I hear when I meet with clients who want or need to change their diets is, "but my husband/kids/family will never do this." I have a lot of conversations around giving families (and selves) a chance to try out a healthy, whole foods plant-based diet so that they can see just how delicious and satisfying they can be, and I am thrilled to have a wonderful new tool in my arsenal, in the form of Forks Over Knives Family, an informational cookbook by Alona Pulde, MD and Matthew Lederman, MD.

Plant Power YOUR Family This Christmas!

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Dreena Burton is a genius in the kitchen, and even though we were lucky enough to feature her for a week on the Vegan Mainstream Cookbook Club when the book first came out, she generously offered another copy of the book for giveaway during our Christmas Promotion Series.

Families Get Plant Powered with Dreena Burton’s Latest Vegan Cookbook

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Dreena Burton was one of the first vegan cookbook authors I became aware of, way back when. Since that time I have followed her career, loved and shared her recipes, and bought every single one of the cookbooks she has put out. She is a wealth of cooking knowledge, which the observer can see growing [...]

Vegan MOFO: Delicious (And Healthier) Desserts – with recipes!

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A couple of years ago I went on a mission. It was a mission to find THE best vegan chocolate chip cookie recipe out there. One of the not-so-side benefits of this mission was that I got to make (and sample) A LOT of chocolate chip cookies (I think it was then I started to enjoy quite a privileged status within my family!!).

Vegan Books for Back to School

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As kids head back to school for another season, backpacks full and minds ready to learn, vegan parents may be anticipating some of the things THEY are going to be faced with in this school year. How to explain veganism to their kiddos? How to make sure they are eating vegan food outside the home? [...]

Feature Interview: Ruby Roth on the ABCs of Veganism

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Vegan parents rejoice! Ruby Roth is JUST ABOUT TO RELEASE her 3rd book for kids...V is for Vegan! Filling a niche that has long been empty, Ruby continues with this book to bravely share vegan information with the smallest members of our society, providing an easy and compassionate way for children to understand some of the reasons for a vegan lifestyle. We are so excited about the release of this new book, and were thrilled to have the chance to ask Ruby more about it. August 6th is the big date!!

Dreena Burton on Tips for Vegan Parents – Part 2 – Sending Your Vegan Child to Non-Vegan Parties

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Last week we talked about tips for throwing a birthday party for your vegan kiddo. Today, I will share some tips for sending your weegan out to a non-vegan party. Many of the same food tips apply with sending your kiddo out to a non-vegan party. But, because you don’t have control of the food being served, some advance planning and discussions are needed to ensure your little one has vegan food to eat.

Dreena Burton on Tips for Vegan Parents – Part 1 – Hosting A Vegan Birthday Party

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Your weegans are growing, and you are receiving invites to birthday parties and starting to plan your own real-deal birthday celebrations. Exciting, right? Or... nerve-wracking?! If you are vegan and navigating these waters for the first time, it can be more stressful than fun. Many insecurities and doubts creep up, like: “What do I tell the host?” “It’s easier to just decline... oh, the guilt!” “What if my child eats cheese at the party?”

A Mother’s Perspective: Food Then and Now [video]

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Family members can influence each other in all kinds of ways, and one of the wonderful qualities of a parent is the willingness to learn from their children. Lindsay O'Donnell is a Vegan Mainstream contributor, and writer of the blog Lindsay is Vegan. She became vegan as an adult, after growing up on a fairly conventional diet. Over the years Lindsay has influenced her mom to take a second look at what she considers a healthy, happy diet.

Introducing (a.k.a. Converting) My Child’s Friends to Veganism

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Honing in her skills in preparation of having future friends over for dinner! Phew! Being a vegan teacher has its challenges. If you read my other article, you’ve discovered that perhaps explaining veganism to students as an educator - as long as it is done respectfully - is typically acceptable. Following this enlightenment, [...]