Vegan Weddings…Planning ahead for a cruelty-free day

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Vegan weddings are becoming increasingly common. More and more people are looking to 1) make their wedding entirely vegan (YAY!), 2) have a semi-vegan wedding (usually in the situation where one partner is vegan) or 3) accommodate vegan friends or family members. Some people may think putting on a vegan wedding, or having vegan options would be difficult - but it doesn't have to be!

VeganWALL: A New Social Network JUST For Vegans

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It's getting easier to be vegan in this non-vegan world - some days more than others! - but there is a new tool being launched this September that will make it easier than ever. VeganWALL is being developed as an online community specifically for vegans that will help like-minded people to connect and share information about food, clothing, events, products and more.

Vegan Unite! A New Online Vegan Marketplace Takes the Stage

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Have you ever fallen in love with a pair of boots or a scarf, or a wallet only to find out that it's not vegan? Have you ever wished that you could go somewhere to shop and not worry about checking EVERY SINGLE label, or look up EVERY SINGLE product to make sure it's vegan, cruelty-free, eco-friendly, etc, etc, etc? Do you have a great vegan product idea and wish there was somewhere you could reach "the conscious consumer"? Well, that place is here - it's new, and still relatively small, but it's growing, and it's growing fast!

The Oh She Glows Cookbook: It Glows!

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I realized not too long ago that I have gotten to the point in my vegan life where when people ask me, "You're vegan? What do you eat?!" I no longer stammer off a list of foods defensively, but I laugh, truly surprised. It's probably partly because I have been vegan for so long, and I eat more variety and delicious food than almost all the meat eaters I know.

Feature Interview: Leaping Bunny Program Hits 500 Companies

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The Coalition for Consumer Information on Cosmetics, which runs the Leaping Bunny Program, has recently signed on its 500th company to cruelty-free status! It's a milestone for the organization, which aims to clarify and standardize cruelty-free standards globally. Kim Paschen, Communications Manager for the Leaping Bunny Program, joined us to talk about the organization, where they have been, where they're headed at this significant junction, and about the difference consumers can make by buying cruelty free.

How much space do laying hens really have? [infographic]

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The labels put on eggs in the grocery store are enough to make anyone's head spin - and they just may be enough to make you think you're doing something good by buying eggs that are "certified humane" or "cage free". But the reality is harsh, as depicted by this new Vegan Mainstream infographic, which shows how much space laying hens need for normal behaviors, and how much they actually have under various regulations

How to Respond to…”If everyone went vegan, what would happen to all the farm animals?”

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"If everyone went vegan, what would happen to all the farm animals? If it weren't for humans, sheep would be extinct!" I remember the first time I was asked this question, I was quite shocked. I'm sad to report that I ranted and rambled and didn't give a good answer at all, and the person who asked me walked away, quite smug.

Why leather is NOT a by-product of the meat industry

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Do you remember when you first learned about Native American Indians in elementary school? You may have learned, like I did, that when these tribes went hunting, they made full use of the animals they killed. They ate the meat, used the horns and feathers for tools and adornment, and made clothing and teepees from the leather. In today’s world, there’s a common misconception that our leather comes about in a similar way; that it’s simply “left over” from large scale meat production. Many people – including vegetarians, my former self included – believe that since the animal has already died, its skin will go to waste unless we manufacture it into something useful.

Thinking about a Vegan Coach?

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You may ask, “I’ve read so much about why becoming vegan or vegetarian is great for your health, animals, the environment and your wallet…but how do you do it? Where do you start?”

How do you eat out when you’re vegan?

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As a new vegan, eating out with non-vegan friends can seem daunting. The best option, of course, is to convince your non-vegan friends to try out a vegan or veg-friendly restaurant with you! However, it's not always possible to eat at a vegan restaurant, and when it isn't, the quick, easy answer is: scan the menu for vegan possibilities, ask questions, and if all else fails, order a salad.