The Wonder-Full Story of Esther: a pig set on changing the world

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I can't remember when I first heard about Esther the Wonder Pig. I remember thinking, 'what a catchy name'! And it is! I never forgot it, and have been following Esther's escapades online for quite some time - hilarious, heart warming, always bringing a bright light to my day. But what I didn't fully realize [...]

Ethical Consumption Starts What Eating Like You Give A Damn

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No matter how adventurous you are as a new - or veteran - vegan, sometimes you just want some good old comfort food, and that's what Eat Like You Give A Damn, by Herbivore founders, Michelle Schwegmann and Josh Hooten, is all about. This book is full of recipes and photos that will make your [...]

Feedlots and Farm Sanctuaries: A Piece of Hell…And A Piece of Heaven

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It was the trip of a lifetime - a helicopter ride from Powell River, British Columbia to Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. We started out early, and it was the perfect day, clear and warm, a high ceiling that allowed us to fly right over the Coast Mountains. Sights to take your breath away and truly make you [...]

We Animals: Taking on the Taboo

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We Animals by Jo-Anne McArthur is a brave and powerful book that addresses this very topic. McArthur is the photographer who was featured in the recent film The Ghosts in Our Machine. She travels around the world photographing animals "behind the scenes" and their various relationships (negative and positive) with humans. Her photographs are achingly beautiful, disturbing and thought provoking, as is the commentary she provides alongside each one.

Cowspiracy: How the animal agriculture industry is destroying our planet (and why no one is talking about it)

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And so I was delighted to see that a documentary is being made about this very issue - a film that promises to rock the sustainability world and open a whole lot of eyes to what's going on behind this disconnect. Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret is due out next month. Filmmakers Keegan Kuhn and Kip Andersen joined us for a quick interview about what they have come up against in making this film, the indigogo project they are running to raise funds and more. Can't wait to see this film!

Ghosts Combine for a Chilling and Beautiful Sequence

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When Liz Marshall, director, producer and writer of The Ghosts in Our Machine heard the Radiohead song "Give up the Ghost" it became her dream to incorporate that haunting music into her film; she felt it reflected the tone, mood and message of Ghosts perfectly. She wrote to Radiohead and received artist approval to use the song.

Almost Home: a video to inspire vegan activism [video]

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This video was put together by videographer and filmmaker, Michael Sizer-Watt and his friend Jason King. It shows the power potential that vegans have to spread awareness of the issues, and allow people to look at things through new eyes. The video was submitted to an online contest for a Moby video, and while it [...]

Vegan Uncensored: Why it’s time to let captive animals go free – part II – a focus on zoos

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India’s decision to ban marine mammal parks is commendable, and it provides hope that someday marine mammals around the world will remain free to roam their natural environments. However, that ban makes no mention of zoos that exhibit land animals. Zoos continue to thrive in cities in India and in almost every major city in the world. They provide visitors with the opportunity to see animals most people would never see if not for zoos. They are popular with the public and, like marine parks, their claims of public education and conservation remove any niggling questions people might have about the ethics of confining animals for visual pleasure.

Vegan Uncensored: Why it’s time to let captive animals go free – part I

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I write this article in the backdrop of a quite significant legislative development; India’s ban on dolphinariums. What is most notable about this news is the recognition of dolphins and other cetacean species as non-human persons. Our society seldom credits other animals with having complex emotions and self-agency, so this recognition came as a pleasant surprise.

Nicky Garratt: On Joining the Vegan Community

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In 1967 Groucho Marx famously remarked: I don’t care to belong to any club that will have me as a member. Well that’s one way to look at it. However, Sport clubs aside, there are a couple of communities I feel compelled to consider myself a member. The first concerns the quest for what is true; we have one clear winner in this category, which is the scientific method. Its bastion lies in academies, research facilities and advocacy groups. The second is compassion for animals. Unlike the former, this club is messy. Our manual is littered with paradox and compromise, but the implications of our foggy goals far outweigh our muddled guidebook.