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Lindsay is a vegan in Vancouver who spends her time cooking, drinking soy lattes, and writing about our relationship with animals.

Vegan MOFO: My Top 5 Vegan Breakfasts

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Whenever I go out for brunch with my friends, I get looks full of pity and sympathy as they chow down on their eggs benedict while I smile and swallow my hash browns and toast. “You don’t understand,” I explain, “I eat so well at home!” They smile and nod politely but I can tell it’s hard for them to imagine what I’m eating for breakfast without eggs, sausage, and creamy coffees. Well, this time I have photographic proof and I’m sharing my top 5 vegan breakfasts with you!

MAKING CONNECTIONS PART 2: Building A Whole Planet By Working Together

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The past few weeks have just whipped by; it feels like I just wrote about fundraising via a vegan bake sale to go to Africa and now I’m sitting down to talk about the trip! Saying it was a trip of a lifetime really doesn’t do it justice and trying to organize all that I saw and witnessed isn’t an easy feat. I’m still figuring out how to help and support the amazing work I saw being done there but the first thing I can do is make sure everyone I know learns about One Acre Fund, CTC International, and the Ol Pejeta Conservancy.

Making Connections: The power of a vegan bake sale, a Whole Planet and Africa

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If there is one thing I’ve learned in the past few weeks it’s to never underestimate the power of a vegan bake sale. But I’m jumping ahead of myself by beginning with the end; there’s that pesky ‘impatient’ attribute I’ve been trying to work on. Let me start at the moment when I learned about the Whole Planet Foundation, which was last year when I was hired at Whole Foods Market. It was just one of the many things I discovered about my new employer that made me love my new job. The Whole Planet Foundation is a non-profit organization that was established by Whole Foods Market that provides microcredit loans to (mostly) women in countries where their products are sourced.

Fashion Fit for Cow Mamas – Raising Awareness of Dairy Industry Cruelties

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As a vegan you get asked a lot of questions. Most of them are interesting, complicated, and compelling to answer. Except where we get our protein...not that we don’t love dispelling misconceptions - but really people? Is that still a legitimate concern of being a vegetarian or vegan? Liberation BC's Cow Ribbon campaign worked hard this month to bring attention to the realities of the dairy industry.

A Mother’s Perspective: Food Then and Now [video]

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Family members can influence each other in all kinds of ways, and one of the wonderful qualities of a parent is the willingness to learn from their children. Lindsay O'Donnell is a Vegan Mainstream contributor, and writer of the blog Lindsay is Vegan. She became vegan as an adult, after growing up on a fairly conventional diet. Over the years Lindsay has influenced her mom to take a second look at what she considers a healthy, happy diet.

Why are “feminist” and “animal rights activist” dirty words?

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How many of you would call yourself a ‘feminist’? Have you ever heard a man label himself as one? It’s an interesting question, don’t you think? I had a discussion about feminism with a young guy at my work recently, about how he thought most people were for female equality, but wouldn’t use the word as an adjective to describe anyone he knew.

My Father is Not Vegan (and how he makes me a better one)

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I have been told multiple times that I need to have a Twitter account just for the things that come out of my father’s mouth. Although I think the vegans and vegetarians would appreciate it the most. One of the most recent gems was when we went for dinner and he said to our waitress “My daughter is a vegan….sorry.”

Getting Informed About How Canada’s Tar Sands Affect the Planet

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The tar sands are a funny issue here in British Columbia, Canada. It seems to me that you either have a very strong opinion of them and are in tune with local environmental issues, or you’ve never heard of them at all.

Are Vegan Children Smarter?

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I had a discussion with a friend recently where I told him that I thought I remembered reading a study that vegan and vegetarian kids perform better in school. He countered that it was a moot point because these kids were being raised by vegetarian or vegan parents who likely had higher IQs. His point was that vegans and vegetarians take more time to be educated about what they are putting in their bodies compared to the average Joe/Josephine and therefore their children would likely be more intelligent than their counterparts. Ultimately neither of us really had any idea what we were talking about, but I was intrigued to get to the bottom of it, and so I did some research. And what I found out?

Under My Skin: Sell-Out Celebrities

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It was announced only weeks ago that Beyoncé had signed a $50 million ‘Creativity Partnership’ contract with Pepsi. Which is basically media relations jargon for an endorsement deal with collaborations on additional projects. Most of us will raise an eyebrow at the $50 million check as completely ridiculous, but the point is that Pepsi feels the money it is spending will be nothing compared to the sales this partnership will bring in. Beyoncé has a huge fan base, a large majority of them being young and easily influenced.