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Vegan Weddings…Planning ahead for a cruelty-free day

By | 2016-10-17T10:39:14+00:00 September 10th, 2014|Beauty, Consumer Perspective, Fashion, Food, Guest Blogger, Lifestyle, Making "Vegan" Mainstream|

Vegan weddings are becoming increasingly common. More and more people are looking to 1) make their wedding entirely vegan (YAY!), 2) have a semi-vegan wedding (usually in the situation where one partner is vegan) or 3) accommodate vegan friends or family members. Some people may think putting on a vegan wedding, or having vegan options would be difficult - but it doesn't have to be!

Blending tips from Tess Masters

By | 2017-03-03T21:03:26+00:00 April 9th, 2014|Food, Giveaways, Guest Blogger, Health & Fitness, Lifestyle, Product Advice, Professional Expertise, Vegan Cookbook Club, Vegan Newbie|

Hello, My name is Tess, and I’m a blendaholic. I absolutely love my Vitamix – I use it at least three times a day and could never live without it. No matter what make and model of blender you’re using at home there are some tips that I share in my new book, THE BLENDER GIRL that will help you get the most bang for your buck with any machine. Even the high-end blenders with all of the bells and whistles need to be treated with care. Whilst they ARE powerful and extremely resilient, they are not indestructible. So, “help your machine help you” to get the best results with any blend.

Betsy DiJulio: 4 Simple Strategies for Keeping the Creative Culinary Juices Flowing

By | 2016-10-17T10:39:17+00:00 March 19th, 2014|Cookbook Club, Education, Food, Vegan Cookbook Club|

I love new recipes as much as the next guy or gal. But even more I love being able to maximize their pleasure by creating endless riffs on them. Following are four simple strategies I use to do that, and how you can to:

Almost Home: a video to inspire vegan activism [video]

By | 2016-10-17T10:39:17+00:00 March 13th, 2014|Animal Rights, Education, Making "Vegan" Mainstream, Videos|

This video was put together by videographer and filmmaker, Michael Sizer-Watt and his friend Jason King. It shows the power potential that vegans have to spread awareness of the issues, and allow people to look at things through new eyes. The video was submitted to an online contest for a Moby video, and while it [...]

Gellin’ with Chia

By | 2016-10-17T10:39:17+00:00 February 20th, 2014|Cookbook Club, Food, Guest Blogger, Health & Fitness, Vegan Cookbook Club|

I absolutely love chia seeds! I especially appreciate all of the nutrition and health benefits that they provide to my body, and I try to work them into my daily diet wherever and whenever I can. That being said, I have run into an obstacle, or should I say, a slight annoyance when it comes to my enjoying this awesome superfood. Much like their seedy counterpart, the poppy seed, teeny-tiny chia seeds will often get caught in between my teeth when I’ve used them as a topping to my morning meal or dinner salad. Thankfully, as the saying goes, “necessity is the mother of invention.” In an effort to ease my frustration (and to avoid the amused stares of those around me), I sought out a solution to stave off the unsightly specks in my smile, and the answer was actually quite simple – Chia Seed Gel to the rescue!


By | 2016-10-17T10:39:18+00:00 January 23rd, 2014|Cookbook Club, Food, Guest Blogger, Vegan Cookbook Club|

Yesterday we published an article from Bryanna Clark Grogan about vegan "meat of the fields" - an interesting history of where they came from, along with her take on making her own. In this article, Bryanna shared a recipe for homemade seitan, and we promised to follow with more great recipes today. Here they are! A pasta with "clam" sauce, an angel hair pasta with "scallops", and fried "sea meat scallops" with asparagus - promising to get your mouth watering! Note, you will need the recipe from yesterday - which you find here - for some of these recipes.


By | 2016-10-17T10:39:18+00:00 January 22nd, 2014|Cookbook Club, Food, Guest Blogger, Vegan Cookbook Club, Vegan Issues|

Delicious modern gluten/seitan/grain meat-based recipes abound on the Internet these days (often with the addition of other grain and legume flours), and in the pages of vegan cookbooks, but it’s difficult to find good recipes to satisfy those seafood cravings I was mentioning before. There are fewer seafood sub recipes online, and there are commercial products that I’ve read about, but they never seem to be available where I live. So I have had to devise my own recipes. There’s a “salmon” recipe in my book World Vegan Feast (Vegan Heritage Press, 2011), but what I miss the most is shellfish—not only the taste, but the texture. The basic recipe I’m going to share with you below is satisfying to me, versatile, inexpensive, freeze-able and relatively easy to make. (I’m also including some favorite recipes using the basic product.) I hope you will enjoy these homemade products as much as I do, and devise your own recipes for using them.

Natalie Slater: Snappy Answers to Stupid Questions About Veganism

By | 2016-10-17T10:39:18+00:00 January 8th, 2014|Cookbook Club, Food, Guest Blogger, How to respond to..., Questions, Vegan Cookbook Club, Vegan Issues|

They say there’s no such thing as a stupid question, but chances are, they are not vegan. For if they were vegan, they would know that there are plenty of people in this world who delight in asking vegans the same questions over and over again - not to learn - but rather, to antagonize. Never before has your protein intake or the iron levels in your blood been so fascinating to other people! And so, for my fellow cranky vegans, I have developed this list of snappy answers to the top 5 stupid questions we deal with.

Creating Flavor Without Oil: Cooking Techniques from Chef Del Sroufe

By | 2016-10-17T10:39:19+00:00 December 19th, 2013|Cookbook Club, Education, Guest Blogger, Health & Fitness, Vegan Cookbook Club|

What differentiates Better than Vegan from most vegetarian or vegan cookbooks, more than anything else, is the absence of oil in the recipes. The only challenging aspect of oil-free cooking is in sautéing, because that’s where most of us were taught to rely on olive or canola oil or other “cooking” oils.

How to make Chocolate Orange Sesame Truffles: Tips from Chef Fran Costigan

By | 2016-10-17T10:39:19+00:00 December 11th, 2013|Cookbook Club, Food, Guest Blogger, Vegan Cookbook Club, Vegan Professionals|

This popular recipe from Vegan Chocolate: Unapologetically Luscious and Decadent Dairy-Free Desserts is a perfect holiday confection to serve after a meal, before the “big” dessert, or arrange on a dessert tray. Vegan or omnivore or in-between, everyone is sure to love these unusual truffles. As I have made many hundreds of these Chocolate Orange Sesame Truffles to serve at my book parties, I’ve learned a few new things that I wanted to share.