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One of the most common comments I hear when I talk to people about going vegan is, “I could never do that – it would be so hard!” When we have non-vegans over to eat, we often get the comment, ” Well, if I could eat like that every day, I could be vegan – but I just wouldn’t know how to cook like that!”

So when I received my copy of vegan-ease by Laura Theodore, aka The Jazzy Vegetarian, I had to smile to myself. I need a box full of these books so I can give a copy to every person who says one of the above to me! vegan-ease is a beautiful, hardcover book full of great recipes and enticing photos that walk the reader through the meals of the day vegan style. This book truly demonstrates just how easy and delicious being vegan can be! Recipes use familiar ingredients, and are all rated according to an “ease factor” so that newbies don’t get in over their heads. I had made several recipes from this book within the first few days of receiving it, and I wasn’t disappointed. The recipes were easy to follow, and they produced fabulous results! (I highly recommend the Deep, Dark Chocolate Truffle Pudding – Ease Factor 1!)

Vegan-Ease by Laura Theodore

What I love about this book:

  • It’s beautiful and looking through it inspires me to get cooking (this is a very important criteria for me when assessing cookbooks, and I would dare to say that visual factor is important to most people)
  • The recipes are simple, easy to follow, and easy to tweak to your own liking. However, just because the recipes are simple and easy does not mean the food is boring or plain. Laura is truly a master at making simple, but elegant and impressive work together.
  • Healthy + Delicious = A Big Vegan YES! These recipes use the best of healthy ingredients, and leave out/minimize things like added oils, offering tips on ways to reduce unhealthy ingredients without sacrificing flavor or texture.
  • Breakfasts! I always find breakfast a particularly challenging meal, and I have been loving the breakfasts chapter in this book (see my photo of the Multigrain Breakfast Porridge below – yum!)
  • It includes some quick guides for vegan newbies that will help to make the transition easier (eg. a quick look at basic ingredients, advice on some key kitchen tools and pantry ingredients; tips on keeping your kitchen eco-clean; and some plant-based nutrition tips from Julieanna Hever, the Plant-Based Dietitian.
  • The Menu-Planning Tips – some invaluable tips at the end of the book on menu planning, which will be especially helpful to new vegans, and actual menus using recipes from the book for complete menus for special occasions – including Valentines Day, coming up!
Multigrain Breakfast Porridge - a combination of quinoa, oats and all kinds of things good for you - DELICIOUS!

Multigrain Breakfast Porridge – a combination of quinoa, oats and all kinds of things good for you – DELICIOUS!

We are thrilled to have Laura on the Vegan Mainstream Cookbook Club with us this week. Come join the conversation! We will be sharing recipes, cooking chat, ideas, inspiration – and giving a copy of the book away too! You can enter here:

Laura Season 5Laura Theodore is a 2015 TASTE award-winning, recognized public television personality, teacher, cookbook author and vegan chef. Laura is the on-camera host of the highly successful, award-winning, Jazzy Vegetarian vegan cooking series on public television, and she hosts the popular plant-based podcast radio show, Jazzy Vegetarian Radio. Ms. Theodore is author of three vegan cookbooks including: Laura Theodore’s Vegan-Ease, Jazzy Vegetarian Classics and Jazzy Vegetarian. Laura was recently featured on The Talk on CBS, Insider/Entertainment Tonight (HBO Red Carpet), News 4-NBC, Fox News 8, The Better Show and the WCBS Health & Wellbeing Report. Ms. Theodore writes a weekly food column for Mother Earth Living and she has been featured in the New York Times, New York Daily News, VegNews, Family Circle, Readers Digest, PBS Food, Naked Food and Healthy Aging, among other highly respected news, food and lifestyle-related journals. Laura’s popular PBS show, Jazzy Vegetarian, was recently awarded a 2015 TASTE Award for Best Health and Fitness Program (Food and Diet), and in September 2015, Laura Theodore / Jazzy Vegetarian was inducted into the 2015 TASTE Hall of Fame.

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Emma Levez Larocque is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, writer and Certified Plant-Based Chef living on the west coast of Canada. She has been veg for 22 years, vegan for 7. Her passion is working to make veganism mainstream to promote a better, kinder world for all beings.