Vegan Weddings…Planning ahead for a cruelty-free day

Vegan weddings are becoming increasingly common. More and more people are looking to 1) make their wedding entirely vegan (YAY!), 2) have a semi-vegan wedding (usually in the situation where one partner is vegan) or 3) accommodate vegan friends or family members. Some people may think putting on a vegan wedding, or having vegan options would be difficult – but it doesn’t have to be!vp1A wedding article – now?!

“Wedding season” (summer) may be coming to an end, but so is “engagement season” – and this means that people who got hitched this summer may be spending the better part of the coming year getting prepared for a wedding next summer. And so we decided this was a good time to put a few ideas together for some vegan menu inspiration. The key to ensuring that all your friends and family feel included and cared for on this special day is planning ahead! We’re hoping this post will help you to make the decision to make your coming wedding a “I cannot believe it is all vegan” moment for your guests by serving flavorful, elegant, tasty and cruelty-free food. We are sure you’ll take your guests by surprise, providing food that is not only beautiful and filling but also offers a great variety. This is a perfect opportunity to help (gently and deliciously) open some eyes and make people think about the choices they make.

When planning out the menu take the season into consideration. Some people may be less open to the idea of vegan food – this is your chance to wow them!


When it comes to starters you have a great choice available. You could start with something like a melon and fruit salad. At the same time you might want to have a soup on offer to fill up the empty bellies.

Go for soups such as:

There are so many different options that you could go for so get creative!

You could also go for a salad as a starter. You can choose something like:

Go for the starter that fits in best with your wedding theme and, most importantly, is a dish that you love.

Main Course

Vegans know that options for delicious main courses are PLENTY. Here are some great potential ideas:

Be sure to provide some side dishes with your mains. These might include garlic mashed potatoes, herb roasted vegetables, collard greens, falafel balls with tzatziki sauce, sautéed vegetable ragout and vegetable skewers with garlic and rosemary. Experiment with the flavours and spices. The food doesn’t have to be plain just because it is vegan.


Dessert is an important part of any meal. Just because we are going for vegan options it doesn’t mean that we will have to miss out on a gorgeous pudding. Some of the options for a vegan dessert are as follows:

Remember that not all chefs out there are specialized in preparing vegan dishes so make sure you leave this important task in the hands of someone capable and knowledgeable. You don’t want to be left with lettuce for starter, boiled vegetables for the main and fruit for dessert! There are so many different options, and you have time to explore them! Aim for a menu that is delicious and offers a great variety.

Non-Food Elements

A vegan lifestyle includes more than just not eating food that comes from animal sources. Some other things to think about:

  • Wear a non-silk wedding dress. There are always alternatives, which often end up being much cheaper.
  • Wear non-leather shoes. This shouldn’t be a problem as there is a great variety of great quality non-leather shoes available in today’s vegan-friendly market!
  • Purchase a non-leather photo album. Yes, leather is absolutely everywhere these days, which means that you need to be extra careful and considerate about the choices you make.
  • Don’t use animals during your wedding; this includes anything from dove release to having a horse-drawn carriage.
  • Use make-up and hair products that haven’t been tested on animals.
  • Check out PETA’s top 10 vegan wedding ideas.
  • Find Vegan Wedding Planning help like

Vegan weddings are becoming more and more popular, which hopefully means you will have an easier time planning yours. If family members have problems or questions about your choice, speak to them directly and explain your motivation. Be upfront and firm, and enjoy the planning and the day fully.

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Rachel Brooks likes to write about all aspects of weddings, particularly wedding planning, wedding stationery and bridal fashion. . She likes to guide potential brides and grooms through her writing and is a keen vegan.

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