Help ban the import of shark fins into Canada by supporting Bill C380 this February!

photo by David Hannan

photo by David Hannan

It’s time to start writing letters, Canadian Friends! Canadian MP Fin Donnelly has introduced a bill to end the international trade of shark fins in Canada. If passed, private member’s bill C-380 would make the import of shark fins—or any attempt to import them—illegal. The House of Commons will vote on this much-needed bill this month! If you are a Canadian citizen, please take the time to find out about this important issue and write a letter to your MP asking him/her to support this bill. PETA has information about the brutal practice of shark finning, and a sample letter here.

Like many people I grew up afraid of sharks – and I can’t say I’d really love to swim with them now. However, they are a crucial part of our ecosystem, and they are incredible creatures who deserve as much respect as any other. I learned a lot about sharks and the incredibly cruel practice of shark finning from the powerful and moving film Sharkwater, by Rob Stewart. Please take the time to share this post today, so that we can get as many people as possible to urge their MPs (Members of Parliament) in the right direction.

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