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Over the summer I became a certified vegan lifestyle coach and educator through the Main Street Vegan Academy, founded by the incomparable Victoria Moran. My intention, truthfully, was not to become a coach but rather to be a better advocate and educator on how to live a compassionate life. I found the academy enlightening and empowering and, once I completed it, I felt emboldened to begin a coaching practice.

Many people become vegan all by themselves, including me. Well, do we really do it all by ourselves? I actually learned how to be a healthy vegan, and an ethical one, by reading blogs, going to vegan MeetUp events and taking cooking classes. So I guess I did get help, didn’t? I simply see coaching as a way to provide more concentrated support – even cheerleading – to people who feel a bit lost.

When I work with my clients we explore six areas of the vegan journey:

  1. Your health and diet: Working with the five fabulous vegan food groups
  2. In the kitchen: Tips, tricks and techniques
  3. In the world: Grocery stores, restaurants, and beyond
  4. Your compassionate home: Build a kinder closet and environmentally friendly living space
  5. Meal plans: Making a plant-based diet work for you
  6. The social vegan: Family, work and school

What’s great about these six areas is that they are not sequential. I meet the individual exactly where she or he is. Clients can choose from the following coaching services:

Personal Coaching (Phone, Skype or In Person)

  • The 45-minute consultation session: You talk, I listen, and within two business days you will receive your personalized “Get Started” program.
  • One month (3 sessions) coaching: In addition to the introductory 45-minute consultation, you will choose two education modules for your coaching focus.
  • Three months (9 sessions) coaching: This plan includes the introductory 45-minute consultation and six education modules. The remaining two sessions are open for personal coaching specific to your experience. BONUS: Three-month clients will receive a welcome kit, which will include a copy of Victoria Moran’s Main Street Vegan in addition to coupons and products from vegan businesses. The welcome kit is valued at over $50!

Group Coaching

  • Plan A: This single, online, 45-minute session will include a Vegan 101 presentation from me as well as peer support as you work together, and with me, to develop your “Get Started” program.
  • Plan B: This multi-session (3), online program will begin with a Vegan 101 presentation from me as well as peer support as you work together, and with me, on your one-month goals. At the conclusion of the first session the group will come to consensus on the education modules for the remaining two sessions.

In addition to coaching I offer help with vegan cooking support from personal or private group cooking demonstrations in the home (now in the Colorado Springs/Denver/Boulder area) to public cooking demonstrations at schools, farm markets, local events and community centers.

Whether you are an omnivore wanting to get healthier, a vegetarian flirting with vegan, or a vegan ready to take compassion beyond the plate, a vegan lifestyle coach and educator can help. Is there a vegan-wannabe in your life? A vegetarian who wants to go vegan but “can’t give up cheese or eggs?” Gift them vegan lifestyle coaching this holiday season! I am delighted to offer a 15% discount to Vegan Mainstream readers. Go here and use code VeganMainstream.

JL Fields headshot 325JL Fields is a vegan lifestyle coach and educator – certified by the Main Street Vegan Academy – at Go Vegan with JL! She is co-authoring Vegan for Her: The Women’s Guide to Being Healthy and Fit on a Plant-Based Diet (Da Capo Press, July 2013) with Virginia Messina. A devoted culinary student, JL has studied at the Natural Gourmet Institute and Organic Avenue, and completed the Intensive Study Program at The Christina Pirello School of Natural Cooking and Integrative Health Studies. JL shares plant-based education, recipes and cooking techniques, as well as animal rights information and resources, on the popular blog JL goes Vegan and is the editor of the community blog Stop Chasing Skinny. JL is the owner and lead consultant for JL Fields Consulting. She serves on the board of directors of Our Hen House. Follow JL on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and .

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