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I was one of those annoying people that loved taking photos of their food. Even worse, I would post them on Facebook and text them to my friends at all hours of the day. I did this for several reasons: I wanted to prove how delicious vegan food could be, I wanted to brag about my amazing meals, and I think people were tired of seeing photos of my cat.

When I started getting asked for recipes I decided to start a blog to document one of the greatest love stories of all time; me and my food. I will break into a sweaty excitement over a delicious garlicky chickpea salad and fajitas with mango and avocados make me dance like Tina Fey.

On Lindsay is Vegan I favor simple recipes with fresh ingredients and there’s nothing like the high that comes with trying a new random vegetable or figuring out how to make a favorite carnivorous meal vegan (like tuna sandwiches!)

I am also unafraid to document my disasters and failures, like my gluten-free strawberry basil pie that looked like a digestive cookie with fruit. It’s about the journey, not the destination right?

Vegans are a tight community and bloggers around the world share camaraderie in our love of kale, which is why we are eager to support each other online. I’ve developed amazing friendships through blogging as well as tips on how to make the creamiest hummus possible.

I am also continually astounded by the people that tell me they love my blog and have started incorporating vegan meals into their diets. Food seems to unite people from all walks of life and vegan food is a fantastic way to initiate conversations on the meat & dairy industry, animal rights, and ethics.

I only discovered all of the mouth-watering dishes and amazing diversity after becoming vegan for a variety of other reasons however I hope my blog reverses that order for others. I want people to approach veganism with enthusiasm, excitement and a sense of curiosity.

So join me by lifting your soy latte, vegan wine, or almond chocolate milk and toasting to a lifetime of delectable vegan meals!

**Lindsay is a vegan blogger, writer, and marketing specialist who helps activists use social media for environmental and animals rights efforts. You’ll likely find her fulfilling the Vancouver stereotype by heading to a yoga class with a soy latte in hand. She’s also on Twitter and Pinterest.**

**Weekend Blog Reads is a weekly column where we feature great vegan blogs to help spread the word about people doing great things for the vegan movement. Do you have a vegan blog to share? Email editor@veganmainstream.com.

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