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Mama in the Kitchen…  and she’ ain’t cookin’! is about a YOUNG FAMILY and how a:


Who loves to eat



Who eats to live (and not vice versa)



And once health conscious chef, who wants her boys to love what is on her table

= and/or created


Who want to prevent illness and promote better health.

Today, as a family, they proactively choose health.  They make time to de-stress, to enjoy each other’s company, to exercise (all 3 are nationally ranked indoor rowers) and most importantly, they choose to eat Vegan foods that are as organic, as in-season, as unprocessed and as freshly prepared as possible.

Junk or processed Vegan food is also a rarity in their kitchen.  If there is a treat on their table like Mama’s donut holes, spinach chips and green sundaes, rest assured that they are all freshly prepared, kid- and family-approved, nutritious and Vegan.  What’s more, they don’t take more than 30 minutes of active ‘work’ and they really are healthy enough that you will have no qualms serving them for breakfast!

image courtesy of Mama in the kitchen

Serve for dessert or even breakfast!
Mama’s Creamy Green Sundaes are full of vitamin C, E and potassium.
As well as omega 3’s and some iron too!

On Mama in the Kitchen, Mama Carissa writes posts about her family’s dietary adventures and choices, and how she gets her boys to eat more unprocessed Vegan foods.  There are many researched posts and tips on the Vegan diet for the family.  There are also raw and cooked Vegan family recipes that are simple, quick and easy to follow for parents who don’t have much time and yet want healthy Vegan fare for the family.

Carissa Leventis-Cox is a passionate Mama in the Kitchen.  She believes in fresh, organic, local/in season, unprocessed Vegan food. A Culinarian with cooking school, restaurant and catering backgrounds, she is also a certified Ayurvedic Nutrition Therapist and co-author of Yoga for Cancer: Esoteric, Yogic and Dietary Remedies.   Her family believes they are healthier both short- and long-term because of the addition of more and more unprocessed and unadulterated Vegan foods into their diets.


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