10 Gifts For the Gorgeous Vegan Gal in Your Life

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Is the glamour girl in your life a vegan? This year, give her something that will make her feel great inside and out. Read on for a list of holiday favorites hand-picked by pro vegan makeup artist Kaylin Johnson of KaylinsKit.

  1. Whipped Body Butter – She’ll smell heavenly with this delightful confection from JosieMaran. WhippedArganOilBodyButter ($35), is the perfect cure for dry winter skin.
  2. Bamboo Brush Set – They say an artist is only as good as her tools, and makeup artists are no exception. Give her a set fit for a pro at a surprising affordable price. Try Bdellium Tools’ five-piece sets, such as the MineralMakeupSet ($33.50) or the SmokyEyeSet ($30.09).
  1. Luscious Lip Balms – Looking for a stocking stuffer? Keep her lips soft and smooth with a festive vegan lip balm, such as CrazyRumors’ delicious CandyCane balms, ($3.49). Or give her lips a real treat with the intensive Hurraw! MoonBalm ($4.29), which soothes throughout chilly winter nights.
  2. Hand Cream Collection – Her hands will be buttery soft after using any cream in the 100% Pure’s SoftestHandsKit ($22). With four lovely scents, she’s sure to find one to love.
  3. Pumpkin Spice Gift Set – If she can’t get enough of pumpkin pie and other holiday treats, she’ll love the PumpkinSpiceGiftSet ($45) from Gourmet Body Treats.
  4. Vintage Hollywood Hair Products – Spoil her with a fun vintage-style set of fantastic vegan hair products — the TemptressTote ($60) from PristineBeauty. Full of shampoo, conditioner, and a repair serum, she’ll love these delightful scented hair treatments.
  5. Vibrant Nail Polish – There’s nothing like a little color to brighten up a winter day. With Acquarella’swater-basednailpolish ($16), there is an amazing selection of colors to dazzle and delight. This long-lasting polish is water-based, so it’s safe enough for even for glamour girls in training.
  6. Soothing Bath Salts – If she’s a fan of warm baths on cold winter days, she will love EOBathSalts ($11.99). These wonderful salts will not only soften and hydrate skin but also provide a luxuriously-scented bath.
  7. Galacial Facial – Give her the at-home spa treatment with a facial mask made from AlaskaGlacialMud. The GlacialFacialMudMasque ($34), will leave her skin soft and glowing.
  8. Pacifica Perfume – Stuff her stocking with an affordable scent from Pacifica. Whether she prefers solid, spray, or roll-onperfumes ($9-$22), Pacifica offers a variety of scents sure to please.


Any vegan glamour girl is sure to be pleased with any of the gifts on this list. If you’re in a hurry and need to shop local, be sure to read labels to avoid products with non-vegan ingredients such as beeswax and carmine. Feel free to ask for help at your local health food store, as many carry a wide selection affordable vegan cosmetics and beauty products.

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Guest Contributor Kaylin Johnson is an eco-friendly makeup artist living and working in Austin, Texas.  She has been working with make-up for over ten years and is constantly searching for the highest-quality cruelty-free products on the market.  Kaylin is a frequent blogger and has contributed to articles for sites such as Shape.com, Endless Beauty, Vegan Beauty Review, and Nature’s Knockout.  She can also be seen in natural makeup tutorials for Tyra Banks’ Typef.com.  Kaylin enjoys working with a variety of clients, from actors and actresses to models and brides.  She is very enthusiastic about recommending all the best natural makeup products on the market in her upcoming Green Beauty Review. Find out more about Kaylin on her blog at Kaylin’s Kit.

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