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Hi I’m Adele, founder of http://www.vegiehead.com-/ the website that started by accident! I was taking photos of my food and posting them on
Facebook, and I had an overwhelming response for my recipes and saw the demand for tasty, low-fat, healthy, plant-based recipes.

I have been a vegetarian for 10 years, and in the last 6 months vegan, and I was so sick of seeing ‘healthy’ vegan recipes that were based around processed foods and fake meats. Some of these meals were just as fatty, high in preservatives and had ingredients that were
mostly strange numbers- that is just not right!

I have a meat-eating husband- meat eating 10% of the time- and I know how hard it is to feed non-vegetarians/vegans! I try and make the dishes as appealing as possible. Vegetables, fruits, legumes, beans and grains all feature on http://www.vegiehead.com/, but be sure to check out
the desserts as well! There is always room for something sweet and healthy.

I also have raw recipes on my website – desserts, smoothies and also a raw noodle dish that tastes amazing. You will never miss the pasta!

One of the main differences that www.vegiehead.com¬†offers, is there is a photo with every recipe. I love looking at pictures of food- and I generally won’t cook anything unless there is a picture attached. I think that images evoke a natural response in humans that will either cause them to be hungry, and want the food immediately, or they won’t feel anything and move on to the next image. The main response I get is “that looks so good!”. How often does that happen when there is no photo?

I am currently building another website, based around a 14 Day Juice Cleanse that my good friend Dayan and I have created. An e-book will be released for purchase once this is up and running. My dreams for Vegie Head? I want to take www.vegiehead.com to the next level- there will be youtube videos, an e-book, hopefully a published book, I have a trial cooking class coming up….and maybe even my own cooking show! The sky is the limit!

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