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Blogging is part of the new media that is rapidly replacing certain features of traditional media. As a result, no business owner should overlook the importance of blogs in their marketing strategy. There are several ways to get involved in the blogosphere; perhaps the most obvious being to start a business blog of your own. Another way that might not be so obvious is to build relationships with bloggers out there to get them talking about your business, new products or specific upcoming events. Including bloggers in your pitch will help you reach as many people in your target audience as possible.

When making a pitch to a blogger, there are a couple of things you should keep in mind. Before you send anything to a blogger, you should always be aware of what they have already written about you. Spend some time reading their blog to recognize the issues and topics they are blogging about. If a blogger has already written about you or your company, you might use that as an introduction when pitching to them.

If the blogger has not written anything about you or your company previously, you might consider responding to one of the topics they have recently written about. Being part of a discussion will start a relationship with the blogger, since blogging is intended to spark conversation and debates about certain topics and issues.

Building a relationship is a significant factor to take into account before the pitch. When you take part in any discussion on a blog, you are creating a presence for yourself and showing interest in the blog. In addition to spending time on the blog that you are eventually hoping to pitch to, and identifying what their overall style is, make sure your pitch is well
written and interesting because tailoring your pitch to the blogger isn’t the only key factor when writing the ideal pitch. If you are sending your pitch by email, make sure that you include keywords in the subject line that tell the blogger what you are offering to them. If the subject line is not appealing, it will be deleted without being read.

The perfect pitch includes your main point in the first couple sentences. If the blogger is intrigued then they will keep reading. Since bloggers and editors receive countless pitch emails every day, the general rule is that you have one minute to catch their attention before they stop reading your email and go on to the next.

Because you only have 60 seconds, the less you say the better. But make those couple sentences sharp, clever and short. You may also decide to include a press release about the matter below your email. Although you have this option, do not send attachments. When people receive emails from hundreds of people a day, they don’t want to open attachments they are unaware of at the risk of getting a virus.

When you write your pitch in an email you may want to keep your pitch to the length of the average screen. Keeping the pitch short and precise will not only show that you included only the relevant information, but it will keep the reader from having to scroll through a long email. The last step to writing a pitch is important and should never be skipped. Going back to basic academic principles is essential: spell check. Nobody wants to read a pitch from someone who sent a sloppy email with typos or who listed the wrong names. Reread your pitch before you send it and correct any grammatical or spelling flaws as well as the names and titles of the individuals you are addressing.

Remember that besides deciding whether to support your pitch or not, bloggers may take the opportunity to write about their experience of your pitch. When you pitch to a blogger, they might end up blogging about your company and tacking on their opinion of how great (or bad) your pitch was. Keeping this in mind, do your homework; pitch carefully and pitch well!

Alex Jaakola is a Public Relations Major with the Vegan Mainstream Internship. In her spare time she likes the outdoors, camping and rock climbing. Watch for more marketing and PR articles from Alex in the coming weeks.

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