Would You Travel For Vegan Food?

Vegan Mainstream’s own Kristin Lajeunesse has begun what could surely be considered an epic adventure. She’s sold most of her personal belongings, has hopped in a van, and plans to live on the road for one full year in an attempt to eat at all of the 100 percent vegan restaurants in the great US of A!

This isn’t the first time Kristin has created opportunities to spread the good vegan word. You might recall her launch, earlier this year, of the first vegan wedding resource website, Rose Pedals! She’s also worked with Vegan Mainstream as the Social Media Manager for nearly 2 years, and during that time has worked for two different animal welfare organizations in Boston. In addition, she spent 4 years volunteering as the Albany Vegetarian Network‘s Marketing Coordinator for which she created and managed the first vegan fashion show – hosted at last year’s NY’s Capital Region Vegetarian Expo on the East Coast.

Needless to say Kristin has been busy over the years, working on various projects to help push veganism into mainstream media. And she’s at it again, quite possibly in the biggest way yet.

Enter, Kristin:

Will Travel For Vegan Food was born out of my desires to create a mobile lifestyle so that I could work from anywhere, to eat delicious vegan food, to connect with other vegans, and to help spread awareness about veganism. The plan is to attempt to eat at as many all-vegan restaurants in the US as possible, while also stopping along the way to meet and interview vegan business owners, volunteer at animal farm sanctuaries and rescues, and have a meal (or 10) with new vegan friends. 🙂

This wasn’t a spur-of-the-moment kind of thing either. I’ve  spent years dreaming of a mobile lifestyle. One that would allow me to travel and live from anywhere in the world, so long as I had an Internet connection. By the time I got my hands on Crush It! and The 4-Hour Work Week, I was ready to start making some serious changes. I’ve spent nearly a year re-organizing my life in order to make this happen. At the end of January of this year I left a wonderful, comfortable 9-5 job with a great animal welfare organization. I started conceptualizing this trip, creating ways to make a living online, and get moving!

So, here we are today, I’m in the midst of travel planning, fundraising, and vehicle acquisition, all while working from my laptop. It’s pretty amazing. And despite the momentum and at times, what seems like a crazy whirlwind, I couldn’t be happier. I feel like I’m on the cusp of something big. Really big. And I’m so happy that you’re here, sharing this moment with me!

The latest news related to the project is that I just launched a Kickstarter Project in an effort to raise funds to support the trip! This has been fairly nerve-racking because with the given time limit and Kickstartrs’ all-or-nothing policy, everyday I sweat a little wondering if we’re going to make it. But we’ve already received amazing support and I’m confident we’ll reach our goal. If you’re interested in supporting this journey, please click here to check out the details and pledge 🙂

Please do follow along on the website, Facebook page, and Twitter page. Looking forward to possibly meeting you on the road!! xo – Kristin

What do you think of Kristin’s journey? Would YOU travel for vegan food? 

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Why I'm Here:With a background in equestrian studies, business management, and marketing communications; coupled with a life-long love of animals, a more recent love of food, and a slight obsession with social media, Kris has found her ultimate happy place as the social media butterfly for Vegan Mainstream.Veg Background:Kris, along with her parents and older brother, became vegetarian in 1999. Following her parents lead, she then became vegan in the summer of 2006. In addition, Kris' family (and friends) hosts an annual veg expo in upstate NY every year: http://www.nyvegetarianexpo.org/.Creds:Kris has a Master's degree in Integrated Marketing Communication from Emerson College and a Bachelors of Professional Studies in Business Management, with a specialization in Equestrian Studies, from Cazenovia College.