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The inner souls of all the vegans I know are beautiful – how could it not be when you have chosen this lifestyle? However, in addition to exuding an inner beauty, most vegans are hot in other ways as well. They may exhibit outer beauty – plant-based diets are known to improve health, increase nail strength, promote clearer skin and boost hair’s shine.  Vegans are also hot in other ways – they may be HOT in the kitchen (there are SO many fabulous vegan chefs out there) – they may be HOT activists, or they may be HOT in the news. So, with that variety in mind, here is a list of some of our favourite vegans who possess hot characteristics, along with kind and caring hearts.

Brendan Brazier:  Brendan is a professional triathlete, speaker and author of Thrive. He began his professional athletic career in 1998, and has competed in the Ironman triathlon several times. He won the National 50 km Ultra Marathon Championship in 2003 and 2006. In 2003 he was hit by a car, and during the time he had to take off he wrote the Canadian bestseller, Thrive, and launched a sport nutrition drink formula called VEGA (2004). In 2007, Brazier lobbied against the Farm Bill at Capital Hill, and he continues to speak and share his vegan experience.

Isa Chandra Moskowitz: Isa founded the vegan cooking website and show, Post Punk Kitchen. From waffles to sausages, Moskowitz can help you stay vegan and love every bite of it! She has written several vegan books including Vegan Brunch, Vegan Vengeance, Veganomicon and Appetite for Reduction. Isa an outspoken activist for many causes, including animal rights – and has spoken out against the objectification of women to promote veganism, or vice versa.

Kris Carr: Kris is a New York Times best-selling author, and since she created “Crazy Sexy Life”, it’s not hard to understand why she was a perfect fit for this list. In 2003, Carr was diagnosed with a rare and incurable stage 4 cancer, but instead of sitting back and accepting the news, she forged ahead and carved a vegan path that saved her life, literally. Crazy Sexy Diet is her third book, and her website is full of helpful tips, advice and other enlightening information to help inspire people and make them feel empowered in terms of their own health.

Joshua Katcher: Joshua is a chic vegan and environmentalist who launched The Discerning Brute in 2008, which provides resources for men so they can make more informed decisions about their lifestyle, from hair and face care to fashions. On Oprah.com, he was dubbed a “vegan superstar.”

k.d. Lang: k.d. is a vegan singer who has been a major-label artist for more than 25 years. She describes her music as country rock with punk-like qualities. In 2010, Lang performed ‘Hallelujah’ for the opening ceremonies at the Olympics.

Scott JurekScott is an ultramarathon runner who won the Western States 100 Mile Endurance Run seven times consecutively, all while maintaining a vegan diet. In 1997, he started a vegetarian diet to improve his performance, and two years later he made the move to veganism. A balanced plant-based diet gives him the energy to compete and train rigorously every year. A great role model for aspiring vegan athletes.

Alicia Silverstone: Commonly recognized for her role as a well-known actress, Alicia is a widely respected vegan speaker and animal advocate. From her eco-friendly makeup cases to her informative vegan website (The Kind Life), Silverstone is helping to spread the word about the benefits of and reasons for a vegan lifestyle. Her book, The Kind Diet, includes tasty vegan recipes as well as information to help you understand why eating plant-based foods is better for animals, the planet and your health.

Georges Laraque: A former NHL forward for the Montreal Canadiens, Georges became vegan in 2009 after seeing the movie “Earthlings.” Since this moment in his life, he has worked tirelessly to promote a plant-based lifestyle via the Montreal Vegetarian Association, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) and other outlets.

Red Hot Vegan Momma: Blogger, wife and mom, Red Hot Vegan Momma is passionate about a cruelty free lifestyle. Through her blog, she encourages people to live more compassionately, and to show that you can live a mainstream lifestyle while doing it!

Rawsheed Patton: Rawsheed is a vegan and raw food vegan chef with 17 years of experience in the industry. In addition to catering to the rich and famous, he provides nutritional vegan meals to his daughters and tries to teach them the compassionate vegan lifestyle. Patton also teaches raw food classes and continually experiments with ingredients to achieve new savory vegan dishes.

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