It’s Hot in the Kitchen: Vegan Chef Joins Rocco’s Dinner Party Tomorrow!

Ayinde Howell

As veganism becomes more popular, Bravo’s new cooking competition, Rocco’s Dinner Party, is shining a spotlight on the luxurious side of a plant-based lifestyle by featuring a vegan contestant.

Tune into the show tomorrow – Wednesday, July 13 – to watch as innovative vegan chef, Ayinde Howell (founder of, works to impress Rocco with his signature dish, Texas BBQ rubbed seitan with sautéed mustard greens and home-fried potatoes. Yum!

Ayinde, an executive chef and life-long vegan, is at the forefront of the modern vegan movement, working hard to show that veganism is not only healthier for the body and planet, but accessible and delicious too. Foodies and gourmand novices alike can appreciate the delicacy of a well-done meal, and it’s time the world understands that vegan eating is just as rich and complex as omnivorous fair—if not more so!

Catch a preview of the show here: and be sure to tune in tomorrow!


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