Vegan Uncensored: The NRA, Threat to Animal Rights

I’m sure you know exactly who the National Rifle Association (NRA) is; the non-profit organization was established in 1871 and it’s members have been trying to protect their Second Amendment rights ever since. Advocates feel as though it is their right as Americans to be able to hunt freely and without regulation.

The NRA has managed to pass some legislation that animal rights activists have frowned upon. Among these is the “concealed carry” legislation in Alaska, Arizona, and Vermont, which allows arms to be carried, virtually without restriction. In 38 other states, the NRA has made concealed carry permits easily available to those who apply.The NRA have a huge presence in the United States legal system, and use it to their advantage to pass laws that favor their cause, no matter how ridiculous it may be.

Last year the NRA put their power to the test by backing Arizona proposition 109. Proposition 109, or the “Arizona Hunting and Fishing Amendment,” would have made the hunting, fishing, and harvesting of wildlife a constitutional right. In an article I wrote for my other blog, The Vegan College Student, I stated, “

[Arizona prop 109] gives the State Legislature exclusive authority to enact laws regulating these activities, prohibits laws that restrict hunting, fishing and harvesting wildlife or the use of traditional means and methods, and establishes hunting and fishing as a preferred means of managing and controlling wildlife.”

Thankfully, the proposition wasn’t passed. Wayne Pacelle, president and CEO of The Humane Society of the United States, said, “It was an incredible night for animal protection, going into a strong headwind. We are elated!”

Second Amendment rights are not necessarily black and white issues for vegans or non-vegans, but the threat of an increased prevalence of non-regulated hunting and fishing is certainly alarming. What are your thoughts on the NRA and how it affects the vegan movement as a whole?

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  • Ravi

    learn from the NRA’s tactics and apply it to our movement. the reason they are able to pass laws and go under the radar is because they are highly organized and know how to mobilize their base into action without getting noticed by the public. nra’s strategies are something to be studied.

  • peace

    Concealed carry isn’t necessarily a vegan issue. You may be surprised, but there are vegan and vegetarian gun owners and target shooters out there. My husband is one of them.

    The NRA’s war against animals, however, runs far deeper than the Arizona ballot issue. For decades they have fought a variety of common-sense animal welfare measures, such as bans on canned hunting–the business of shooting tame, captive exotic animals for a fee. The NRA is so anti-animal welfare they have even gotten involved in certain state measures that have nothing to do with guns or hunting. They have purposefully stalled bills designed to crack down on puppy mills and cockfighting. The NRA considers all animal advocacy their dreaded enemy.

  • Anominouswarning

    What better reason to infiltrate!

  • Veggieshooter

    I’m a vegetarian. I’ve taken up shooting guns. I put holes in paper. I don’t want to injure animals or humans.

  • Oceansilverbirds

    Concealed Carry laws are enacted and administered by the states, not by the NRA.  And the issue of CC is sort of a strange choice by the author of an entry point into the relationship of animal rights and the NRA.  I’m vegan, and I abhor ALL animal hunting, trapping, shooting and the like.  I could never become an NRA member because of their advocacy of animal hunting, though I am a passionate second-amendment supporter.

    I’m an avid target shooter, sending tens of thousands of rounds downrange each year.  I shoot steel plates in precision handgun category, offhand, out to 100 yards, with iron sights.  For some calibers, I reload my own ammunition.  

    I’m simply presenting for your consideration the reality that individual gun ownership (whether for the shooting sports or personal protection) can exist in perfect sympathy with animal rights and vegan lifestyles.  I’m the example.  🙂  And there are others, too.  The vegan community as well as gun advocacy groups (NRA, etc.) just need to get past the easy — and inevitably, incorrect — stereotypes.  “Animal-rights types” and “gun owner types” might *typically* break down along certain predictable lines and values, but without taking a closer look, you’ll miss good people like me.  And like many others who also live simultaneously in different worlds often considered mutually exclusive at first glance.  I take pride in that I don’t fit neatly into “expected” life-categories.  People can be a little more complex than we imagine at first.  You get the idea.  🙂

  • I am a vegan gun owner. I don’t think they are related really. I don’t think I want to hunt, but I certainly would shoot a person in self defense or the defense of others.
    The gun community generally isn’t very nice to vegans or vegetarians. I don’t believe hunting is right for me unless I am starving maybe, but I don’t think that I should have the ability to restrict another person from doing it. I believe next to vegans, hunters are the next best thing from an ethical and environmental perspective. Certainly hunters are better than vegetarians! If one is going to eat animal products the most ethical hunting methods are far better than any humane slaughter operation or happy cows or other nonsense.

  • jones

    I am a 64-year-old vegan widower; strict vegetarian since 1967.

    I displayed a firearm in self-defense.

    I have been convicted and sentenced to 39 months in Washington State. I am not nor have I ever been a criminal. It was not proven that the gun was pointed at anyone, it was not discharged, but because of favoritism and discrimination I am in this situation.

    I am a long-haired professional career musician, and was run out of my neighborhood, lost my home, etc. because the secretary of the prosecutor stated I was shooting at and stalking children, with no basis in fact whatsoever . . . but she wanted me out of my home and her neighborhood, and succeeded. My home was sold to pay legal fees, my career has come to a stop and my health and well being are deteriorating. My lawyers have refused to address the question of citizens arrest.

    I have been subjected to small town justice, with blatant violation of my second amendment rights.

    I have full documentation of the above and more, and this is the unbiased truth.

    I do not know where to find help, and hope my last resort does not have to be the NRA.

  • Justin

    I am an ethical vegan and I support the NRA b/c I support the 2nd amendment and while I am not into killing any sentient creature, I recognize that others are eating meat and deer hunting is far less cruel than factory farming. While it may be a lesser of two evils, I am also a pragmatist.