Vegan Uncensored: “It’s Just Too Hard to Be Vegan”

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I know this week’s theme is about veganism being easy, but yeah – we know that already. Right? Uh, nope! How many freakin’ times have you heard “it’s just too hard to be/stay vegan?” One too many times if you ask me!

I’ll admit, the first few months – hell, even the first few years – can be a total crap shoot when you’re starting out. It can be challenging to find the good healthy foods, the good junkie foods, a decent support system among friends and family, and the right balance of all of them. But let’s face it, given all of the ah-maze-ing resources available these days: websites, blogs, veg events/expos, books, nutrition experts, cruelty-free clothing and accessories, meat and dairy alternatives (there are even vegan marshmallows for goodness sake), you have no excuse! The list of resources and alternatives are endless. And no, it’s not always more expensive to go meat-free so don’t even think about bringing that argument up. To say that it’s just too hard or that you just can’t do it, is total cah-rap.

Let’s break it down, shall we?

I’m guessing the majority of you reading this are already vegan or at least vegetarian. Two thumbs up to you! But if you’re on the fence or still convinced that there isn’t enough help out there…all I have to say is “Google” (or “Lougle” for those who have seen Hot Tub Time Machine. You know who you are). One simple search (try: how to become vegan) will bring up more information than your wee little brain will be able to handle. There are literally hundreds (HUNDREDS!) of vegan bloggers in the blogosphere. Don’t believe me? Book a ticket to the Vida Vegan conference in Portland this August. You’ll meet at least 50 of ’em in person! Oh, and let’s not forget the dozens of other veg expos/conferences that take place worldwide every year. If there were ever a place to gain even more resources and meet like-minded people, these events are it.

That’s not all – there are dozens of amazing vegan books available, on everything from how to only ever make vegan cupcakes, to preventing and reversing crazy things like diabetes and heart disease. There are even online cooking courses to help you through the ‘what the hell should I make tonight’ episodes – Spork Foods anyone?!

Traditional Food & Clothing Alternatives:
Are you ready? We’ve got vegan versions of, wait… ya know what? Honestly, it’ll just be a waste of my time to list out all of the vegan alternatives that exist for non-vegan foods and clothing items. We’ve pretty much got ’em all. And if you can’t find them in any one of the thousands of stores across the country, you can buy almost anything online. I have a better idea, why don’t the readers leave a comment below telling our ‘on the fencers’ what your favorite alternatives are. We’ll make it a group effort!

Group/Family/Friends Support:
There’s an excuse that has always rubbed me in the worst way. “But my parents think I’m going to die from lack of protein.” Stop it. “But my friends call me a bunny rabbit and say that I only eat grass.” They could call you worse things. Get over it. The vegan community is nothing short of awesome. And aside from being able to spread the news about new vegan products faster than you can say “what the hell is kale?” we ban-together, we exist in droves, and we will take over. Err, I mean, and we will be here to support you, tell you that your family will figure out that it’s not just a phase, and that you can get new friends.

Why Did You Go Vegan in The First Place?
Last but not least, please oh please don’t lose sight of why you chose to go vegan in the first place. Was it for the adorable farm animals, for your unhealthy ass, or for the dwindling environment? Just sit for a minute and think about this: 1) you’ve got all the resources and support a person could possibly need when making such a transition, 2) non-dairy ice cream is actually quite fantastic, and 3) you did it for

[insert that good-crazy passionate reason that drove you to vegan in the first place].

It’s easy, folks. Don’t say you can’t because we all know that you can. No matter what. Now buck up and eat your damn kale.

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