The ABCs of Veganism

There are plenty of reasons to be proud in the vegan community, so to celebrate this enthusiasm, my family and I wrote a little ditty about the ABCs of Vegan Pride. Feel free to sing it, if you are so inclined.

A is for Adventurous, Animals, Amazing: Many people chose to be vegan in order to promote animal rights. I find these people amazing! Vegans are also extremely adventurous people, often trying foods that non-vegans are too scared to try.

B is for Beautiful: When a person becomes vegan, their skin becomes clearer, their hair becomes stronger and shinier, and their overall appearance becomes, well, more beautiful! Don’t we all want to be our most beautiful selves? More info on acne and diet: PCRM article, Do Life Right article.

C is for Courageous, Caring, Compassionate: Vegans are very brave people when telling others about veganism, even when faced with opposition. It is because they care so much that their compassion compels them to be so courageous!

D is for Daring, Delicious: Vegans are brave and daring, eschewing society in order to live in a way they know is healthiest and best for the world.

E is for Environment, Earth, Ethical: Many people who become vegan for ethical reasons do so in order to save the planet. They believe that if everyone in the world became vegan, our environmental issues would disappear.

F is for Fun, Flavorful, Fruits, Festive.

G is for Grains and Greens: Two lovely food choices that come in many more varieties than most people realize.

H is for Healthy, Happy: Many people also become vegan in order to be healthier (that was my primary reason when I first became vegan). To learn how to ward off illnesses, check out the Physician’s Committee for Responsible Medicine website and Dr. John McDougall’s website.

I is for Immunities, Informed: Vegans have stronger immune systems than omnivores.

J is for Juice.

K is for Kale (and other greens).

L is for Legumes, Love.
Love legumes!

M is for Money: Some people save money when going vegan since animal foods are often much more expensive than fruits, vegetables, and grains. M is also for Meatless, which we encourage all people to be, starting with Meatless Mondays.

N is for Nice, No yucky ingredients.

O is for Original sources of nutrients. Vegans receive their Omega-3s, protein, and other nutrients from their original sources, rather than filtered through other animals.

P is for Pride, Passion.

Q is for Quality, Quick, Quirky.

R is for Rice, a staple in many healthy diets.

S is for Sweet, Savory: Vegans eat sweet and savory meals and snacks.

T is for Tasty Treats: Vegans can make some pretty tasty treats. When I’m hungry for a favorite to eat, searching for online healthy vegan recipes is easy and fun.

U is for Underdog: We vegans might not always embrace the underdog status, but we often play this role as a minority faction.


is for Vegan! This saying is so great, I thought I needed a T-shirt stating it, so I made this one and this one. 🙂

W is for Water, Wonderful.

X is for XenophobiaVegan Super Star Trek Sunday Party: Vegans often get treated as aliens when they arrive at parties and other gatherings. Yes, this is stretching it a bit, but X is hard. 🙂

Y is for Yummy.

Z is for Zeal: Vegans have an enthusiastic zeal for life unmatched by any other group of people.

Haven’t had enough of alphabets for vegans? Check out the Vegan Feminist Agitator‘s two hilarious versions: the first one is titled “An alphabet for disgruntled but ever-hopeful vegan activists”, the second one is titled “Another Disgruntled Alphabet for Vegans…”

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Lisa is the author of the Wright on Time series of children's chapter books about an RV-living, vegan, homeschooling family who travels the USA. Lisa lives in southern Arizona with her family & cats.
  • I was hoping N was going to be for Nutritional Yeast! OMNOMNOM

  • Anonymous

    I just had some nutritional yeast on my popcorn. Yum!