Vegan Marketing Campaigns: January is All About the Kickstart

It’s 2011 – are you vegan yet? If not, there are plenty of  ‘go vegan’ campaigns out there to help you make the change, so what are you waiting for?
Many vegans got their start using the PCRM (Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine) 21-Day Vegan Kickstart. I’m one of them.  We often need a little nudge to start something that could be a complete lifestyle overhaul. This year, it seems, PCRM has stepped up their marketing efforts as veganism becomes increasingly mainstream and more people sign up to ditch the meat and dairy for 21 days. Though the look and feel of their website and e-newsletter is very sterile, I suppose it can be overlooked because they are PHYSICIANS after all. Plus, PCRM has gained the support of other blogs, like The Houston Vegetarian, to promote their plight.
Getting a campaign published fo’ free is something entry-level Public Relations personnel try to accomplish daily. The blog M.I.S.S. talks about PCRM’s handy iPhone App that sends recipes and helpful info right to your palm (or Palm, if you’re not an Apple fan). Called a M.I.S.S “Techcessory”, this free app will help you stay on target. Oh and look, a lovely Facebook and Twitter feed to follow. Though the actual kickstart with PCRM has already started, information is provided year-round and another kickstart will start in September, so get on it!
21st Century Vegetarians have their own kickstart to talk about – 7 Day Vegetarian Starter Kit – which is an eBook devised for vegetarian and vegan recipes, family-style. Martha and Kamaal Theus devised this book, and subsequent website, to provide an easy transition to meat-free living. The kickstart eBook includes: “7 Days of delicious, easy to prepare vegan meals,”  transition tips, a shopping guide and several other resources. 21st Century Veg also promotes Meat-Free Mondays and has compiled a packet to help spread that program as well. Even though they promote mostly vegetarianism and not strictly veganism, this kickstart can be a great first step for diet-curious omnivores looking for a change. The vibe of 21st Century provides a voice mostly for the African-American community, but the information provided will be useful for anyone.


Don’t think PETA is sitting back and relaxing while everyone else creates a New Year’s campaign to go veg. PETA’s free Vegetarian/Vegan Starter Kit is a staple of their multi-faceted outreach. Their tagline is as simple as a statistic: “Did you know that you could save 100 animals per year just by adopting a meat-free diet?” As always, PETA aims to educate by making you think instead of passively ordering a pamphlet – so when you order their starter kit, you’ll also receive emails on current hot topic trends on the vegan and vegetarian front. 

Already vegan? NOT OFF THE HOOK. Action for Animals urges you to become more active in 2011 for the cause. If you aren’t vegan, they make a case for you too. Part of their campaign strategy is to enlist you to be their grassroots canvasser by giving you step-by-step info on how and where to go to preach it sistah. They’ll even give you the flyers if you don’t want to waste your Boca money at Kinko’s. AFA’s mission statement is clearly posted at the head of their blog: “We must always take sides. Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim.” (Quote by Elie Wiesel). Can’t argue with that.

There are a few choices, so depending on your particular bent, sign up for a kickstart program and start the New Year right!

In this new Vegan Mainstream bi-weekly column we will bring you examples of marketing campaigns that are being done by various vegan organizations to promote veganism locally and globally. Know of someone doing great work we should feature? Email

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