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Photo courtesy of Chloe Joe Davis.

Maybe you know Chloé Jo Davis as one of the “Hottest Jews in the World” in HEEB Magazine or as editor-in-chief of GirlieGirl Army. But did you also know that she is a vegan activist, a green expert, and an ethical fashion expert, among other things? Although Davis has her hands full with her newborn son, she is still passionate about greening the world, and she has some encouraging tips and advice for others who have the same goal. We recently caught up with Chloé Jo for a chat on all things earth-friendly.

Vegan Mainstream: First, what prompted your passion for eco-friendly living and ethical fashions?

Chloé Jo Davis: I adopted my first dog when I was 21 and slowly made my way to the connection between dogs and ALL animals…it became clear that I needed to shift my priorities to being first and foremost animal friendly. So although I lived a fabulous, fashionable, exciting life prior to veganism, I realized I could continue living that life post veganism—with a bit more forethought and research. In the interest of full-disclosure, yes, I love to look great, but the animals are my priority. I knew getting to people through their vanity could promote and inspire people to live more compassionately.

VM: Did you ever imagine that GirlieGirl Army would be as successful as it is today with more than 300,000 readers?

CJD: Yep, I knew the website and newsletter would be successful, because I believe in myself, and I knew if it was something I found helpful and amusing, others would too!  Also, after almost 10 years of slowly growing (never having had investors or partners), I knew the site would find its niche of devoted readers and subscribers…and it has!


Photo courtesy of Chloe Jo Davis.

VM: What is your definition of a “Glamazon?” How can women begin to embody this image?

CJD: A Glamazon is a larger than life personality who is NOT afraid to speak up for what is right and live ethically. Plus, she goes mad for a fierce pair of heels and wishes she had the energy to wear fake eyelashes every day. We can all live a bit more Glamazonian Like in our day-to-day life by being unafraid to

[speak] for those who don’t have a voice and being tough when it comes to speaking out…AND simultaneously making ourselves feel good—whatever that means for you. If it means getting a facial or dancing on a table…by all means…enjoy your life! You can be a bon vivant and an activist—the tired cliché of the activist with the under-eye circles and 76 cats is just that…tired. Looking after ourselves as activists is a slow-learning process, but it’s crucial to remember to take care of ourselves so we can take care of others!

VM: Who are some of the role models in your life?

CJD: My role models are aplenty…mainly women in the movement who do it all and do it all with a smile. My friends Samantha Ragsdale who is Farm Sanctuary’s Development Director, Susie Coston, Farm Sanctuary’s Shelter Queen, Emily Deschanel, Actor and Activist, John Joseph, Rockstar and Vegan Legend, etc. My friends inspire me to do more, go harder, push stronger, love deeper, work that extra little bit. I know they don’t slack on their mack when it comes to the animals…and by jove, nor should I! But really…my TRUE heroes are those who pull dogs off euth lists, [distribute] Veg Living pamphlets, expose cruelty by doing undercover investigations, shovel poop at rescue facilities and tirelessly educate the public on animal cruelty. Those, the peeps that aren’t necessarily known by name or trade, but never stop advocating…those are the people I idolize.

VM: Can you tell us about your upcoming book and television program?

CJD: The book is slowly coming but I’m focusing on the baby right now. The TV show has now shifted…some exciting developments have come to our family in the last 2 weeks, and we may have some terribly exciting news in the next weeks. Here’s a hint: Imagine a VEGAN family on one of the most successful TV shows on cable! Hang for more news on that!

VM: You have so much going on in your business life and a newborn…how do you juggle it all? Do you have any advice for women who want it all—the career and family life?

CJD: Laugh a lot…and choose a radical partner. I pretty much owe most of my sanity to my genius husband, who really is my best friend and partner. Women dream of meeting a man like this…and I got him (sorry, ladies). We are the best team. We are constantly delegating to each other and fist pounding when we complete a job well done. We are ambitious, in terms of our family and career goals, and really don’t mess around with letting negative energies into our sphere. If you are toxic…you are out like last weeks Daiya cheese. We have a great family, genius friends, and that helps a ton! But really—my son Panther comes first right now. Work and the rest comes secondary. Luckily, my husband’s company (a vegan-owned Interactive Agency—Builtbythefactory) is really rocking, so I have the luck of being able to focus on my beautiful boy right now and let my hubby bring home most of the tempeh bacon!

VM: In the world of ethical fashions, is there anything that you think we need to see more of?

CJD: Wool alternatives! Winter sweaters are still hard to come by—vegan. Almost all of the eco designers still show wool…even veggie Stella McCartney…and that’s annoying. People need to know that wool is a cruel byproduct of the animal farming industry, and we must develop better alternatives. Bamboo knits are fabulous, but we can go further to develop more popular cruelty-free yarns for winter wear.

VM: Do you see products that are made compassionately becoming more mainstream? In your opinion, what are the most effective things vegan businesses can do to help this happen?

CJD: Don’t niche out potential vegans! Everyone is a potential vegan—all they need to do is watch “Peaceable Kingdom,” and if they have even an iota of a heart, they would go vegan on the spot! Vegan businesses need to appeal to people’s vanity. Unfortunately, that’s the easiest way to get to folks. Make it sexy and fun and they will come.

VM: What are some issues currently on your radar for activism?

CJD: ALL OF IT. It’s hard to just pick one issue! I’m very into promoting pit bull awareness, teaching folks to adopt, adopt, adopt pets rather than buy, and to drop their antiquated ideas of what a pit bull is. Pits were originally bred as Nanny dogs! They are what you raise them to be. Pit bulls get put down at an ALARMING rate every single day because idiots buy pet store and breeder dogs. C’mon people, a rescued pet would certainly love you no less than one bought from a breeder! Little steps—even going veg one day a week helps!

VM: You seem so diversified…you have taken your vegan and environmental values into fashion, radio, activism, etc. Do you think diversifying your time is the best business decision a novice entrepreneur can make?

CJD: Perhaps not, but that’s fine for me. My focus is really activism—more than business. It always has been. I believe in karma and know the amount of love I’ve sent into the universe is (and really has already) coming back in spades regardless of how many advertisers I have. I’m not as materialistic as most of the folks I grew up with, that’s for sure! I’m so lucky to have the incredible life I have…I savor every single second with my magnificent child and wonderful husband and ridiculous rescued pets…I’m constantly walking on sunshine! I have everything I could have ever wanted…and more. The icing on the vegan treats cake is what is to come…

For more tips on how to live like a glamazon, follow The GirlieGirl Army blog.

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