A Vegan’s Guide to Uber Veg Cities

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What are the best cities in the world for a vegetarian or vegan to visit? Those with itchy feet will be happy to hear that some favorite holiday destinations and hot spots make their way onto this list.  Exciting veg-friendly cities are topping a number of similar lists annually. Here are our top five picks:

#1 Vancouver, British Columbia

Canada is renowned for their bacon, but the nation as a whole has recently experienced an increase in great-tasting vegetarian cuisine venues – and the west coast city Vancouver is leading the way.

When you think of Vancouver, think “top tofu,” as Canada has had this honor bestowed upon their great city on more than one occasion. This uber-metropolitan city caters to the vegetarians and vegans like no other. Vancouver Magazine notes, “Every good restaurant in town offers vegetarian dishes.” So it may not surprise you to know that Vancouver also made the “the world’s best place to live” list. The scores of veggies living in the area have attributed to the continued success of the vegetarian lifestyle. For more info on Vancouver, check out Vegan in Vancouver, a blog with some great links to vegan businesses in the city – and if you’re planning a trip to Vancouver, plan it for October, when the next Taste of Health festival (EarthSave Canada) will be held!

#2 San Francisco, California

If you have never have been to the bay city of San Francisco then you truly do not know what you are missing. Considered one of the most vegetarian-friendly cities in North America, this city of love loves veggies a lot. Numerous vegetarian and vegan organizations can assist you in exploring this inspirational city.  Bay Area Vegetarians, the San Francisco Vegetarian Society, VegNews Magazine, and VegSF.com are just some of the resources available to service the veg crowd. If you are a baseball fan, you are in luck! San Francisco’s Giants’ SBC Park is the place to experience the most delicious meatless selection of baseball treats anywhere!

#3 Asheville, North Carolina

The natural beauty of Asheville is world-renowned, so it makes sense that this haven of clean mountain air makes the list of top vegetarian and vegan cites. Asheville is considered “as humane as it is hip.” In recent years, several vegetarian-friendly restaurants, coffee shops, bakeries, and markets have sprung up across the city. Check out this list to get you started, or visit goveg.com for a great review and lots of links.

#4 London, England

The elegant and thriving city of London is known for its culture, tradition and centuries-old monarchy.  Vegan London is a great resource for vegan information in this great city – there’s even a social group called London Vegans!

#5 Singapore, Singapore

Singapore may be one of the most surprising cities to make the list – but there are not only plenty of vegan businesses in the city – there is also lots happening in the veg scene. Check out the Vegetarian Society of Singapore,  the Living Vegan blog – which is written by a vegan living in Singapore, and Suite 101’s Tips for Vegetarian Tourists in Singapore.

No matter what city you go to, these days you are almost certain to find some vegetarian and vegan options. Here are some helpful resource sites to assist you in your quest: VegGuide.org, HappyCow.net and VegDining.com. Happy vegan eating!

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