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Vegan Mainstream offers a business and marketing coaching, consulting and training for entrepreneurs, authors, chefs, personal trainers, coaches and business owners. Through one-on-one marketing consulting, online training, and local business workshops we help individuals launch and maintain successful vegan businesses.

We work with emerging and established vegan businesses, providing individual training and weekly business planning advice that transforms businesses.

Our goal is to help create bigger, stronger and more sustainable businesses that support the vegan community.

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Vegan Mainstream presents Webinars Wednesdays for budding and experienced vegan professionals. These free online events are held monthly and hosted by our Founder, Managing Director and Head Marketing Guru Stephanie Redcross. With years of experience as a business coach and vegan entrepreneur, in these sessions Stephanie shares advice on key business and marketing tips for success. These webinars cover important topics like goal-setting, understanding sales cycles, business relationships, holiday planning and more

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Frequently Asked Questions

We consider any business owned by a vegan a vegan Business.  You don’t have to sell food to be a vegan business (e.g. we’ve worked with yoga studios, fitness coaches, artists, accountants and authors. Vegan Mainstream is all about helping fellow vegan business owners and entrepreneurs excel in their industries.
No, we don’t take over marketing campaigns. Instead we will teach you or your team how to plan, execute and monitor your own campaigns. Our goal is to empower you.  
No, there are other individuals in the vegan community who do a fantastic job of helping business owners with these projects. We would be happy to refer you; just email us and we will get you connected.
Absolutely, we work with businesses of any size, and love working with solopreneurs!
Yes, that’s our specialty. We love working to develop service offerings, creating online and offline classes, building consulting businesses and brand building.
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