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How much space do laying hens really have? [infographic]

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Betsy DiJulio: 4 Simple Strategies for Keeping the Creative Culinary Juices Flowing

I love new recipes as much as the next guy or gal. But even more I love being able to maximize their pleasure by creating endless riffs on them. Following are four simple strategies I use to do that, and how you can to

Getting Creative with Betsy DiJulio and The Blooming Platter on the Vegan Mainstream Cookbook Club

Getting creative in the kitchen is one of the most exciting things about being vegan. Often cooks who were not very adventurous in their pre-vegan days find themselves trying, and loving, all kinds of new ingredients and techniques, and falling in love with food all over again

Gellin’ with Chia

I absolutely love chia seeds! I especially appreciate all of the nutrition and health benefits that they provide to my body, and I try to work them into my daily diet wherever and whenever I can. That being said, I have run into an obstacle, or should I say, a slight annoyance when it comes to my enjoying this awesome superfood. Much like their seedy counterpart, the poppy seed, teeny-tiny chia seeds will often get caught in between my teeth when I’ve used them as a topping to my morning meal or dinner salad. Thankfully, as the saying goes, “necessity is the mother of invention.” In an effort to ease my frustration (and to avoid the amused stares of those around me), I sought out a solution to stave off the unsightly specks in my smile, and the answer was actually quite simple – Chia Seed Gel to the rescue!

Beverly Lynn Bennett Gets Down and Dirty with Chia Seeds on the Vegan Mainstream Cookbook Club

We’ve all heard about chia seeds, and know that we should probably eat lots of them. But if you’re wondering about the best way to get more of them into your diet, then you’ll want to tune in to this week on the Vegan Mainstream Cookbook Club. We are going to be featuring vegan chef Beverly Lynn Bennett, who has recently come out with a book called Chia: Using the Ancient Superfood. Beverly is an experienced vegan chef who has authored several other cookbooks and writes regularly for VegNews Magazine

Matt Frazier on the Vegan Mainstream Cookbook Club: Running on Plants

The athlete’s body has special nutritional needs that need to be considered to maintain optimal performance—whether you’re a casual gym-goer, a weekend warrior on the marathon circuit, or a pro. But how do you know you’re covering all your food-related bases when you’ve decided to eliminate animal-based foods from your diet? And how can you be sure that you’re getting the right nutritional balance so your performance doesn’t suffer


Yesterday we published an article from Bryanna Clark Grogan about vegan “meat of the fields” – an interesting history of where they came from, along with her take on making her own. In this article, Bryanna shared a recipe for homemade seitan, and we promised to follow with more great recipes today. Here they are! A pasta with “clam” sauce, an angel hair pasta with “scallops”, and fried “sea meat scallops” with asparagus – promising to get your mouth watering! Note, you will need the recipe from yesterday – which you find here – for some of these recipes


Delicious modern gluten/seitan/grain meat-based recipes abound on the Internet these days (often with the addition of other grain and legume flours), and in the pages of vegan cookbooks, but it’s difficult to find good recipes to satisfy those seafood cravings I was mentioning before. There are fewer seafood sub recipes online, and there are commercial products that I’ve read about, but they never seem to be available where I live. So I have had to devise my own recipes. There’s a “salmon” recipe in my book World Vegan Feast (Vegan Heritage Press, 2011), but what I miss the most is shellfish—not only the taste, but the texture. The basic recipe I’m going to share with you below is satisfying to me, versatile, inexpensive, freeze-able and relatively easy to make. (I’m also including some favorite recipes using the basic product.) I hope you will enjoy these homemade products as much as I do, and devise your own recipes for using them

Bryanna Clark Grogan on the Vegan Mainstream Cookbook Club: Let’s Talk Fine Vegan Cuisine!

If you consider yourself a vegan foodie, you are in for a treat this week! Bryanna Clark Grogan, well known chef and author of World Vegan Feast (and seven other cookbooks), will be joining us on the Vegan Mainstream Cookbook Club!

Ellen Jaffe Jones Joins the VM Cookbook Club to talk about solutions to a Kitchen Divided

What do you do when you are vegan and your partner is not (or vice versa)? This is not an uncommon problem, and there are bound to be some tensions to deal with – or at least meals to sort out. This week on the Vegan Mainstream Cookbook Club cookbook author and personal trainer Ellen Jaffe Jones will be with us to share ideas and recipes from her new book Kitchen Divided, which addresses that exact scenario

Natalie Slater: Snappy Answers to Stupid Questions About Veganism

They say there’s no such thing as a stupid question, but chances are, they are not vegan. For if they were vegan, they would know that there are plenty of people in this world who delight in asking vegans the same questions over and over again – not to learn – but rather, to antagonize. Never before has your protein intake or the iron levels in your blood been so fascinating to other people! And so, for my fellow cranky vegans, I have developed this list of snappy answers to the top 5 stupid questions we deal with

Take Action Towards Veganism

On facebook I am connected to a number of friends who are non-vegan, as well as vegan, and this weekend I was approached by a non-vegan friend and asked if I could send him a few vegan recipe sites to look at because he had noticed that I have shared vegan information in the past [&hellip Take Action Now ()

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