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TODAY: Make an animal sanctuary part of your holiday plans

Farm Sanctuary photo

Farm Sanctuary photo

Well, the summer is almost over, but there are still plenty of people who may be looking for something to do with their last couple of weeks of holiday time. So why not think about visiting a farm sanctuary near you with your family? If you have never done it, it’s a wonderful chance to see animals who are traditionally categorized as “food” in a whole new light! Guaranteed you’ll come away with a warm feeling in your heart and a whole handful of new friends!

Here are some wonderful sanctuaries you might want to check out:


Farm Sanctuary - locations in Watkins Glen, NY, Orland CA and Los Angeles, CA

Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary - Woodstock, NY (weekends only)

Peace Ridge Sanctuary - Downeast Maine (by appointment only; open house coming up on August 25th)

or check out this list put together by Animal Place, to find a sanctuary in your state.


Cedar Row Farm Sanctuary - Stratford, Ontario (working visits only)

Wishing Well Sanctuary - Bradford, Ontario (tours on the last Saturday of every month)

or check out this international list of animal sanctuaries on Wikipedia!

Have you had a great experience at an animal sanctuary? Share it with us!



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