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A Sweet Vegan Blog: Sugar Coated Vegan


My name is Alexis Diaz and I run the vegan food blog Sugar Coated Vegan (you can find my blog at I veganize all different kinds of sweets and sometimes include, raw, gluten free and the occasional dish. I plan to start a new feature on my blog that includes veganizing a dish from every part of the world because I feel that other food cultures, spices and dishes should be explored more – and what better way to immerse yourself in a culture and learn about it than to try out their foods?! I think it’s very important to get in touch with where our food comes from, as well as how other cultures regard their relationship with food.


Grapefruit citrus cookies from sugarcoatedvegan

Another component to my blog is the idea of money versus veganism and the idea of being able to afford being vegan on a budget. I’ve done two posts regarding the topic, which highlight my personal struggle to maintain a healthy, sustainable and vegan lifestyle while not having that much money. It’s important to talk about vegans who aren’t financially stable, especially students, and how we can continue our lifestyles in a healthy and substantial way.

I’m currently a student at Columbia University and decided to start my blog because I wanted to share my love of vegan baking with others and also talk about how to make healthier versions of those sweets. I wish to open a vegan bakery one day that features sweets from all around the world and not just the typical French and American sweets.

For more info visit Alexis’s blog here.

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