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Mothers and lessons…two things that, for many of us, have been connected since childhood. What are the most important lessons your mom has taught you over the years (about food or otherwise)? That’s one of the things we are going to be talking about on the VM Blog this week, leading up to Mother’s Day this coming Sunday. Also watch out for a guest post from vegan cookbook author Dreena Burton on why raising kids vegan is important (Wednesday), our Best Animal Moms infographic, based on our reader roundup (Tuesday), advice for non-vegan moms who want to support their vegan teens (this afternoon) and more! Tomorrow afternoon, weigh in to tell us  what lasting lessons YOUR mom taught you …we salute great moms this week on Vegan Mainstream!

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  • Marilyn Peterson

    The biggest lesson my mom taught me was about healthy eating habits.  I was taught that if I wasn’t hungry for the simplest and plain tasting foods for a meal, I did not have a “true” hunger. My mom would say that it would be better for my health if I ate some fruit in the meantime and then waited until “true” hunger appeared before I ate my meals. 

    I was trained as a child that if I didn’t eat my vegetables at the meal because I said I was full, my mom would say that I could leave the table and go play.  BUT when I said I was hungry again, I was served the same vegetables. I suppose I cried a few times, but I got over it and as a result I learned some good eating habits because she stood her ground.  I couldn’t seem to outsmart my mom!  When it came to good health for me, she kept her power.

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