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8 Ways to Ensure Bad Karma as a Vegan (and Otherwise Act Like a Maniac)


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When I think of how you can earn good karma, words like compassion, honesty, generosity and kindness immediately come to mind. And lots of people think that being vegan is an automatic good karma point-earner. But even as a vegan, there are sure-fire ways to bring bad karma down on your animal-loving self. Try to avoid the following, which will not only earn you bad karma points, but upset those around you, and generally work against the productive spread of a positive message about veganism:

1. Getting into a crowded elevator (or any other space where you have a captive audience for any length of time) and lecturing your audience about veganism. No one will appreciate it, you won’t convert anyone, and you’ll just give people who think vegans are crazy a reason to think their judgement is justified.

2. Constantly sharing the most upsetting videos and images of animal cruelty you can find. While these videos and photos have their place, and should be shared, if they are the only thing you ever share in your social media, people will stop listening, and shut you down.

3. Going into restaurants during the dinner rush and proceeding to travel from table to table, telling meat-eating diners tidbits of information about animal cruelty and factory farming. Bonus points if you talk about fecal matter in their burger patties…

4. Going through the fridge in your office kitchen and throwing out anything that contains animal products, leaving a note on the door saying “Animals don’t belong in the refrigerator.”

5. The next time you’re eating with omnivorous friends or family members, alienating them all by gagging every time they take a bite of meat or dairy.

6. Inviting all your friends over for a dinner party and serving nothing but plain, unseasoned raw tofu and steamed vegetables.

7. You know that co-worker whose desk is littered with photos of their cat? Cornering them in the office kitchen and, pointing to their ham sandwich, asking if they would eat Whiskers if he was cured and put between two pieces of bread.

8. Offering to babysit all of your friend’s kids and then sitting them all down and making them watch Meet Your Meat. When the angry phone calls start coming in, telling their parents you’re trying to encourage a compassionate generation, and that they should be thanking you.

So you see, even as a vegan there are a myriad of ways you can bring on bad karma, especially by offending and alienating those around you. Any more ideas on sure-fire ways to bring on bad karma? Preferably without harming anyone or getting yourself arrested…I would love to hear!



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About the Author

Zoe Eisenberg Zoe Eisenberg is an editor and freelance writer with work appearing in various print and online publications. She received her B.A in English and Creative Writing, and has a background in holistic health promotion. Zoe loves to cook, laugh, play and learn. She lives in Connecticut with her cat, Zucchini.

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  • Ryan Thibodaux

    I would add one more: using the word “convert” instead of “convince.” Veganism isn’t a religion.

  • Diana Field

    I agree with what you said-I just wish the reverse was true.

     I wish that meat eaters had to stop shoving meat in our faces; asking us stupid questions meant to make fun of us; telling us we’re sickly, pale and are going to die young; making sure to show us pictures of meat products and then laughing at our reactions; blatantly stating we care more about animals than humans; etc., etc., ad nauseam.

    That karma thing goes both ways….

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