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Taking it Mainstream: Policy Changers Working for A More Vegan World


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There are hundreds of animal welfare and pro-vegan groups out there working hard daily to change policies surrounding cruelty, food distribution, backward agricultural business and more. While so many deserve recognition, here are a few groups pioneering policy changes on the regular.

Farm Sanctuary has several big campaigns underway right now, including: the No Downer Campaign, which works to prevent the slaughter of downed animals; an Anti-Confinement Campaign which fights against three of the major confinement methods used in factory farming; and the Truth Behind Labels Campaign, educating the public about the misleading labels put on their food, included “humane,” “free-range,” and “grass-fed.”

The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, or PCRM, is spearheading numerous campaigns, from nutrition to animal rights. These include an agricultural subsidies reform supporting a bill that will fight obesity and poor health by eliminating direct payments to agricultural producers; The Great Ape Protection and Cost Savings Act, which will end invasive experimentation on chimpanzees, and more.

Mercy for Animals recently made big news after they exposed the cruelty at Sparboe Farms, the country’s 5th largest egg distributor and—until this past week—the supplier for McDonald’s Egg McMuffin. Many companies—McDonald’s included—have dropped the farm as a result of MFA’s undercover investigation. Hopefully, this investigation—and all the attention it has garnered—will bring about some major policy changes in animal treatment.

PETA, one of the most famous animal rights advocacy groups, always has something up their cruelty-free sleeves. Recently they have succeeded in getting a variety of schools and organizations to discontinue the use of glue traps—an inhumane method of animal control; and getting the U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Chemical Defense to stop chemically wounding monkeys as part of a training exercise, a practice that the organization has been fighting against for the past 6 years.

Are you fighting for policy changes? Are you getting down and dirty with Vegan Politics? Tell us how! Share your success stories, or your thoughts on what SHOULD be done in the comments section below.

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About the Author

Zoe Eisenberg Zoe Eisenberg is an editor and freelance writer with work appearing in various print and online publications. She received her B.A in English and Creative Writing, and has a background in holistic health promotion. Zoe loves to cook, laugh, play and learn. She lives in Connecticut with her cat, Zucchini.

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