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Top Ten Ways to Veganize Your Summer!

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The sun is here, it’s warming up and everybody is getting more sociable. This makes summer a great time to show how fantastic veganism can be. Here are some tips of things you can do this summer to promote veganism to others! 

  1. Take advantage of the long light and warm evening and get out into the garden! Invite your friends and neighbours over for a vegan BBQ.
  2. Attend a vegan festival. There is a list here of international vegan and vegetarian festivals.  I’m looking forward to the next UK based one.
  3. Throw a vegan dinner party for your non-vegan friends. Get creative and make it fun, with ideas like including a vegan tasting menu, so that people get to try lots of new tasty vegan foods.
  4. Organise a vegan bake sale for charity. See how Vegan in Brighton did it here.
  5. Get involved with your local vegan society or group, and invite a veg-curious; most throw fantastic events you can get involved in that are great for new vegans.
  6. Have a vegan picnic. This can be fun for everyone and can be arranged in various ways. You could have one with friends or family, or even arrange one for your local community where everyone brings a dish.
  7. Become a vegan volunteer. You could put yourself forward for vegan outreach, to educate the public on veganism or animal rights.
  8. Take some vegan summer snacks in to work to educate your colleagues. Feeling adventurous? Try making vegan ice cream! Coconut chai…mmmmm!
  9. Take a vegan vacation. Support vegan businesses out there, by visiting veg cafes, restaurants and guest houses.
  10. Host your own public vegan event. The world needs more of these! A vegan festival, with camping, educational talks and great food. Or a vegan street party in your local community or neighborhood.

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About the Author

Zoe I am a student in York, UK. I write a vegetarian blog and I have a particular interests in eating out as a vegetarian, ethical fashion and travelling.

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